The Success of TNSR Token Launch on Solana: $640M in Trading Volume

The Solana NFT marketplace Tensor has recently made headlines with the release of their new TNSR token. Within a few hours of its launch, the TNSR token from Tensor managed to generate over $640 million in trading volume, making it one of the most successful token launches on the Solana network to date.

Introducing TNSR

The TNSR token is designated for community use in managing Tensor protocol, with 55% of the 1 billion total supply allocated to the community. This means that TNSR holders will have a say in the future development and direction of Tensor, making it a truly decentralized platform.

But TNSR is not just about community governance. As part of its rewards model, Tensor distributed over $200 million in tokens through airdrops across four seasons. This was done to create Tensorian NFTs, rewarding holders for their engagement and staking. One lucky user even received 712K TNSR tokens, valued at approximately $1.15 million.

Mirroring BLUR’s Rewards Model

Tensor’s rewards model is similar to that of BLUR marketplace, where loot boxes are distributed over four seasons to create NFTs. This not only adds value and rarity to the NFTs, but also incentivizes users to actively engage with the platform.

The first season of TNSR’s rewards distribution started on March 4th, with subsequent seasons following every three months. As a result, TNSR holders can look forward to receiving exclusive Tensorian NFTs as well as rewards for their involvement in the platform.

Claim Your TNSR Tokens

For those interested in receiving TNSR tokens through the airdrop, there is a designated webpage where potential recipients can verify their eligibility. The claim period for the token distribution will be open for 180 days via the Jupiter decentralized exchange aggregator. However, it’s important to note that U.S. users are not eligible for the airdrop due to regulatory restrictions.

In conclusion, Tensor’s TNSR token launch has proven to be a major success, attracting over $640 million in trading volume within just hours of its release. With its unique rewards model and emphasis on community governance, TNSR is set to make a name for itself in the competitive world of NFT marketplaces. So, keep an eye on Tensor as it continues to transform the future of NFTs and cryptocurrency. So, if you want to get your hands on TNSR tokens and become a part of this exciting community, make sure to verify your eligibility and claim them before it’s too late! 


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