NFT Marketplace Blur Launches New Token

The Blur token is now live, and traders can claim their free, airdropped $BLUR tokens within 60 days.

Blur, the NFT marketplace for pro traders, is causing quite a stir in the world of Web3. On Tuesday February 14th, Blur announced that 360 million $BLUR was being distributed to its traders – claimable immediately. Indeed, the Blur token is now live, and gives the community control over the protocol’s value accrual and distribution.

Rising contender

At the time of writing, the $BLUR token is trading at $0.77, and the number of unique active wallets (UAW) is 72k. Moreover, in the battle of the NFT marketplaces, Blur is certainly making its presence felt. According to DappRadar, Blur’s 24-hour trade volume is $55 million, which even usurps the NFT giant Opensea.

Blur is an Ethereum specific NFT marketplace. What is more, it has provided a serious challenge to Opensea’s throne in recent weeks. For one, the marketplace’s community-first approach is eye catching. In addition, the marketplace appears to be prioritizing its traders.

Blur said in a Tweet: “Since launching [four] months ago, 146,823 users have traded $1.2 billion dollars [sic] worth of NFTs on Blur (wash trading excluded). This growth is breathtaking and was only possible with the support of the Blur community.”

Credit Blur NFT Marketplace

Inception to community token

Blur launched in October 2022 with a clear strategy and focus. Indeed, the direction was a zero-fee marketplace, aimed at professional NFT traders. Since its inception, there has been a total of 3 airdrops to the buzzing Blur community.

Initially, the first airdrop took place for everyone who traded in the 6 months prior to the launch of Blur’s marketplace.

Then, in November, lucky traders received another airdrop if they were actively listed on Blur throughout the month.

Finally, the 3rd and largest airdrop took place on Tuesday, which was for traders who placed bids on Blur marketplace.

According to Dune analytics, 86% of the airdropped $BLUR tokens have been claimed by traders. This suggests that the Blur community is both active and highly responsive.

Now that the $BLUR community token is live, we can expect a lot more from this thriving NFT marketplace.


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