Get Ready for the Free Mint of ‘Champions Tactics’ Warlord NFTs by Ubisoft

Ubisoft is set to launch its first blockchain game, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. The game is a dark fantasy-themed player-versus-player tactical RPG, taking inspiration from collectible tabletop game figurines.

Grimoria, the setting of Champions Tactics, is a dark fantasy world comprising seven factions ruled by warlords. These factions include an assortment of beings, such as zombies, demons, and medieval knights, adding variety and depth to the game environment.

Ethereum NFT Mint 

The Ethereum NFT mint date for Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles is scheduled for December 18. Ubisoft is planning a private mint for those on the “darklist,” starting at 6 AM ET. A public mint will follow at 2 PM ET.

During the primary sale, Ubisoft intends to offer 8,000 Champions Tactics Warlord NFTs for free. Collectors will only be responsible for Ethereum network gas fees. The Warlords are pixel-style heroes armed with weapons designed to double as social media profile pictures (PFPs) and in-game avatars.

A total of 9,999 Warlords NFTs will be minted. 1,000 Warlords will be reserved for the Oasys community, while Ubisoft will keep 999 for marketing and giveaways.

Holding a Warlord NFT also provides access to a future mint for the game’s playable characters. Warlord NFT owners will be able to mint five game characters for free at a later date.

Upcoming Launch 

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles will be deployed on the Ethereum-compatible Oasys chain. This blockchain platform is specifically designed for the gaming industry. While the NFTs are Ethereum-based, the game itself will make use of the Oasys chain for smoother gameplay.

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles was first announced in June 2023. The game’s anticipated release date is set for early 2024 on the PC platform. As Ubisoft ventures into the world of blockchain gaming, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles is expected to bring innovative gameplay and captivating storytelling to the gaming scene.


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