Immutable Begins Public Testing of zkEVM with Polygon Labs

Immutable has initiated the public testing phase of its zero-knowledge Ethereum virtual machine (zkEVM) in collaboration with Polygon Labs. This marks a significant step in the development of a network that aims to enhance the gaming experience on the Ethereum blockchain.

The work on this network commenced in March, and the progress has been steady. Immutable’s partnership with over 20 gaming companies for the launch signifies the industry’s interest in this innovative technology. The zkEVM is designed to use zero-knowledge proofs to secure transfers, ensuring a robust and secure gaming environment.

Games in Development on Immutable zkEVM

At least 12 games are already in the development phase on the zkEVM platform. Among them are CoinArcade, Galaxy Commanders, Medieval Empires, MetalCore and Eyeball Pool. These games represent a diverse range of genres and playstyles, reflecting the versatility of the Immutable zkEVM.

MetalCore, in particular, has set a beta launch date for September 15 on the Immutable zkEVM. This launch is highly anticipated and showcases the readiness of the platform to host complex and engaging gaming experiences.

Compatibility with Ethereum and Future Prospects

One of the standout features of Immutable’s zkEVM is its full compatibility with Ethereum applications. This compatibility opens up new possibilities for developers and gamers alike, allowing for seamless integration with existing Ethereum-based platforms.

Immutable’s Chief Technology Officer, Alex Connolly, expressed optimism about the new network, stating that it will be “irresistible” to developers. His confidence underscores the potential of the zkEVM to become a preferred platform for game development within the Ethereum ecosystem.

The collaboration between Immutable and Polygon Labs is a testament to the growing synergy between gaming and blockchain technology. By leveraging the strengths of zero-knowledge proofs and Ethereum’s established infrastructure, Immutable zkEVM is positioning itself as a viable solution for the next generation of Web3 gaming.


The public testing of Immutable zkEVM marks a pivotal moment in the convergence of gaming and blockchain technology. With the support of Polygon Labs and partnerships with over 20 gaming companies, Immutable is leading the way in creating a network that promises to enhance the gaming experience on the Ethereum blockchain.

The development of games like CoinArcade, Galaxy Commanders, Medieval Empires, and MetalCore on the zkEVM platform illustrates the potential of this technology to revolutionize the gaming industry. As the beta launch of MetalCore approaches, the anticipation builds for what could be a new era in Web3 gaming.

Immutable’s commitment to security, compatibility, and innovation sets the stage for a future where gaming and blockchain are seamlessly integrated. The collaboration with Polygon Labs and the public testing of zkEVM is a significant step forward, and the industry will be watching closely as this exciting project unfolds.


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