‘Champions Ascension’ Enhances Gaming Experience with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members are in for a treat with Champions Ascension, an action-oriented role-playing game, as they can now claim exclusive in-game items. For 12 weeks, Prime Gaming members can claim 100 in-game gold and a loot box containing vital monster parts essential for crafting in the upcoming Maestro Towers mode.

A Bounty of Rewards Over Twelve Weeks

While Champions Ascension is known for integrating NFTs, the items available for Prime subscribers are purely digital and not for trade. This move aligns the game with other Web3 titles like Gods Unchained and NFL Rivals, offering exclusive items through Amazon Prime Gaming.

Amazon Prime Gaming’s offer extends over a 12-week period, providing biweekly distributions of additional resources such as essence, bone, and more monster part boxes. This sustained engagement with Prime members adds excitement and value to their gaming experience.

Earlier this month, Immutable Games revealed that Amazon Prime Gaming members can now access in-game content for its widely acclaimed trading card game (TCG), Gods Unchained. Members who link their in-game accounts through this collaboration can claim in-game card packs.

Source Champions Ascension

The World of Massina Awaits

In Champions Ascension, players are immersed in the world of Massina, tasked with collecting, training, and managing gladiators for intense arena combat. The game encourages players to influence the storyline and the world as their Champions vie for honor and glory. The game values skill development, gene engineering for new Champions, and ascending to higher tiers for exclusive features. Moreover, Champions Ascension has been nominated for ‘Best Fighting Game’ at the 2023 GAM3 Awards.

Currently, in its early access alpha playtest phase, Champions Ascension is preparing for a larger launch on Windows PC. Although the game will be available on Steam, it will do so without NFT functionality due to Steam’s restrictions on blockchain features.

Set to launch in 2024; Maestro Towers mode is described by Champions Ascension as a ‘blend of tower defence and Mortal Kombat’. This mode will allow players to tailor levels with AI, strategically select their Champions or monsters for defense, and embark on missions to attack other towers, all in pursuit of valuable rewards.

Champions Ascension’s decision to provide in-game items for Amazon Prime subscribers shows how traditional and Web3 gaming are starting to overlap. This move is part of a larger trend where Web3 games reach out to conventional gamers. Using familiar gaming concepts and well-known platforms, Web3 game developers are making it easier for traditional gamers to explore blockchain-based gaming.


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