Gods Unchained Removed from Epic Games Store Due to Adult Only Rating

In a recent development that took gamers and developers by surprise, Gods Unchained was quietly pulled from the Epic Games Store after it was re-rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), receiving an “Adults Only” (AO) tag—an uncommon move for widely accessible games.

Resetting The Score

Gods Unchained initially launched on Epic’s store, garnering a wide audience for its engaging gameplay. However, an unexpected reevaluation from the ESRB has led to its untimely removal. The reason? A newly assigned AO rating, reserved for games apt for individuals above 18 years of age. 

The assignment of this rating resulted in an immediate delisting from Epic Games Store, which houses over 1,548 games, including high-profile titles like Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto 5.

ESRB’s Role and the AO Impact

The ESRB, established in 1994 as an industry regulatory body, provides age-based game ratings for the U.S. and Canada, offering valuable guidance to parents regarding game purchases for their children. 

The AO rating can be assigned for various factors including prolonged scenes of intense violence, explicit sexual content, nudity, and, in Gods Unchained’s case, the play-to-earn elements unique to the game.

The team behind Gods Unchained didn’t expect this hurdle. Known for their dedication to unique gameplay and player rewards, they’re actively working to appeal the AO rating with the ESRB. Their aim? A revision of the rating, which in turn would allow Gods Unchained to be reinstated on the Epic Games Store.

A Glimpse into the Challenges for NFT and Blockchain Games

This unusual development has brought to light the challenges and regulatory hurdles that NFT and blockchain games face within the traditional gaming marketplaces. As these new technologies continue to permeate the gaming industry, both developers and regulators will need to navigate an evolving landscape of considerations.

The ongoing appeal of the Gods Unchained case serves as a lesson for others in the sector, reminding creators and supporters of the high stakes at play in this new merging intersection of gaming, technology, and regulation.


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