Unveiling the BitcoinShrooms Collection at Sotheby’s Bitcoin Ordinals Auction

Sotheby’s, the distinguished auction house, recently launched an online Bitcoin Ordinals auction, featuring the BitcoinShrooms NFT collection. This online auction, which began its journey from December 6, will run until December 13, explores Bitcoin’s many facets.

BitcoinShrooms Collection

Designed by Shroomtoshi, the BitcoinShrooms collection renders Bitcoin’s elements in a fresh, creative blend, unveiling intriguing symbolisms and narratives. The collection pushes the boundaries of conventional digital art by employing pixelated art pieces as a medium.

Shroomtoshi vividly depicts Bitcoin’s historical, cultural, and technical dimensions, which are integral to the collection. The primordial journey of Bitcoin, its cultural impacts, and technical intricacies all find their places within these pixelated creations, linking narratives of Bitcoin’s past, present, and potential future.

The art style of BitcoinShrooms is a testament to a nostalgia-infused vision. Comfortingly familiar, the collection combines 8-bit visuals with a touch of 90s nostalgia, bringing together past and future in a delightful artistic blend.

Auction Highlights

Among the diverse items up for auction, three stand out with their unique significance.

“S”: This piece is a remarkable symbol of “Self-Sovereignty”. It nudges the audience to reflect on the empowering potential of Bitcoin for individuals worldwide.

“Sovereign Individual”: Inspired by a seminal book dealing with the implications of the digital age, including Bitcoin, this piece challenges the viewers to tap into the philosophy underlying our digital lives.

“BIP39 Seed”: An attractive art piece that cleverly references a common recovery seed phrase protocol in Bitcoin, reminding of the indispensable aspects that tie the realms of art and technology together.

BitcoinShrooms’ Significance

The BitcoinShrooms collection carries a broader, more profound mission beyond its artistic appeal: to disseminate awareness about Bitcoin’s fundamental principles. It adeptly uses pixel-based art to create intrigue, fostering understanding through visually engaging narratives.

The exclusivity of this collection adds to its allure. With three unique digital pieces up for bidding, this auction event is a rare opportunity for crypto-art enthusiasts.


In essence, the BitcoinShrooms collection embodies a harmonious fusion of art, Bitcoin’s rich narratives, and the celebration of its technological achievements. It’s more than just another pixelated art project. It’s a distinctive appreciation of Bitcoin’s journey, a tribute to its roots, and an acknowledgement of its potential.

The Sotheby’s Bitcoin Ordinals auction offers a valuable opportunity to engage, explore, and reflect upon the historical, cultural, and technological essence of Bitcoin, pixel by pixel.


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