Blockchain Artwork “The Goose” Sells for $6.2 Million at Sotheby’s

In a remarkable auction at Sotheby’s, a generative piece of blockchain artwork titled “The Goose” fetched an impressive sum of over $6.2 million, including auction house fees. The artwork, also known as Ringers #879, was created by Dmitri Cherniak and had a noteworthy history as part of the now-defunct cryptocurrency hedge fund, Three Arrows Capital.

Three Arrows Capital’s Acquisition and Liquidation

“The Goose” was originally purchased by Three Arrows Capital in 2021 for a staggering $5.66 million worth of ETH. The acquisition was made as part of their Starry Night Capital fund, which aimed to assemble a collection of the world’s finest NFTs. However, following the collapse of Three Arrows Capital last summer, the fund’s liquidators made the decision to sell the Starry Night artworks to address the firm’s outstanding debts.

Sotheby’s Auction and “Grails” Collection

Sotheby’s, a renowned auction house, facilitated the sale of “The Goose” by curating a collection titled “Grails” from the Starry Night fund. Initially, Sotheby’s had projected a sale price range of $2 million to $3 million for “The Goose.” However, the final price surpassed these expectations, exceeding the previous sale price from 2021. The buyer of the artwork is believed to be the pseudonymous NFT art collector known as Punk6529.

Significance of “The Goose” in Generative Art

“The Goose” holds a special place in the generative art community due to its unique display of the blend between chance and skill in creating art from randomized computer code. As a generative artwork, its exact output is randomized at the moment of minting as an NFT. In the case of Dmitri Cherniak’s 879th Ringers piece, the combination of shapes and colors resulted in a striking resemblance to a particular breed of waterfowl, hence its moniker “The Goose.”


The sale of “The Goose” at the Sotheby’s auction for $6.2 million highlights the increasing demand and value of generative blockchain art. This record-breaking price signifies the growing recognition of the convergence between art and technology within the NFT space. The significance of chance and uniqueness in generative art continues to captivate collectors and investors alike, further solidifying the importance of this emerging art form. As the NFT market continues to evolve, the sale of “The Goose” serves as a testament to the creativity and innovation found in the world of blockchain art.


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