Nostalgia Goes Digital: PEZ’s First Foray Into NFTs With Quidd

PEZ, the illustrious candy company known for its wide-ranging and vibrant dispensers, has announced a partnership with Quidd, a digital collectibles and NFT marketplace. This partnership, orchestrated by PEZ’s Licensing Agency, Lisa Marks Associates (LMA), marks PEZ’s debut in the NFT space.

Nostalgia Meets Modernity: PEZ’s Limited Edition NFT Collection

Founded in the 1920s, PEZ has endeared itself to many generations and is set to launch a limited edition series of NFTs in 2023. The digital tokens will showcase artwork inspired by the company’s most cherished dispensers and candies, interweaving nostalgia with contemporary technology.

Currently, the company has two locations in Orange, Connecticut and Traun, Austria where it sells and markets its products worldwide. These locations distribute around 70 million dispensers and 5 billion candies annually.

Quidd is PEZ’s platform of choice for its digital debut. Quidd, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has enabled the issuance, sale, and exchange of officially licensed digital collectibles featuring over 325 popular brands, including Disney, Game of Thrones, and Rick and Morty.

The collaborative effort promises a user-friendly, secure, and accessible experience for collectors. Moreover, Quidd’s inventive “mintables” technology enables enthusiasts to begin their PEZ collection without requiring considerable financial investment, cryptocurrency wallets, or even credit cards.

Unique Digital Collectibles Timed for the Holiday Season

The PEZ NFT collection, offered on the Quidd platform, encompasses an array of digital PEZ dispensers scheduled just in time for the holiday season. These collectibles represent unique digital items that can be minted on the Ethereum blockchain using a MetaMask wallet. This approach lets collectors choose when and if they want to mint while guaranteeing the authenticity and rarity of each NFT through blockchain verification.

Scheduled for Wednesday, December 20 at 5 pm ET, the first sale presents collectors with the opportunity to obtain these digital PEZ dispensers through mystery boxes featuring the digital rendition of the Santa Claus dispenser—PEZ’s top-selling item. The sale capitalizes on Quidd’s dependable technology and user-friendly interface.

To celebrate this partnership, PEZ and Quidd will coordinate a series of virtual events, engage on social media, and offer exclusive behind-the-scenes content, generating anticipation for this one-of-a-kind digital collectible release.


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