Merit Circle DAO Partners with Immutable to Enhance its Ecosystem

The Merit Circle DAO has unveiled a strategic collaboration with renowned gaming platform Immutable. Both entities have joined forces to expand and optimize the DAO’s ecosystem, which comprises the open-source blockchain network Beam and the digital asset marketplace Sphere. The partnership seeks to leverage Immutable’s inventive platform and advanced technology capabilities.

Beam’s Potential on Immutable zkEVM

Beam, a multi-chain gaming ecosystem crafted for gaming studios, focuses on streamlining game development and elevating user experience levels. Formerly exclusive to the Avalanche blockchain, Beam will soon debut on Immutable zkEVM, a state-of-the-art scaling solution powered by Polygon. Upon its integration, Web3 solutions from Immutable, such as the Immutable Orderbook and Immutable Passport, will be introduced.

Source Merit Circle

These tools assist studios and creators in amplifying revenue and liquidity through sharing in-game digital asset orders across leading marketplaces. In addition, they will facilitate onboarding players for Web3 game developers.

Paving the Way for a New Era of Gaming

Marco van den Heuvel, CGO and Co-founder of Merit Circle emphasized the importance of this partnership in manifesting the organization’s vision for Beam to play a vital role within the gaming landscape. He said, “At the Merit Circle DAO, we want Beam – our gaming ecosystem – to be wherever games, players, and developers are. This collaboration with Immutable and Polygon Labs represents a huge leap towards that vision”.

This partnership follows Immutable’s recent collaborations with Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab and Amazon Web Services (AWS). It highlights an essential stride in tackling the challenges posed by the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in gaming. Immutable and Merit Circle DAO hope the alliance will usher in a novel and enjoyable gaming experience.

The Merit Circle DAO boasts a treasury surpassing the $100M mark and a comprehensive network of portfolio games, positioning the organization as a powerhouse in gaming and blockchain expertise. It is devoted to investing in games or studios built on Immutable, further exhibiting the potential of this partnership to create substantial progress within the Web3 gaming sector.


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