Why Crypto Casinos Are the Way Forward in 2023

The online gambling space has changed immensely in the past five to ten years. If one were to assess an online casino website from 2012, one would be surprised at how different it is from modern-day platforms.

Not only are online gambling spaces full of advanced features and hundreds of games, but they also deliver a seamless and safe experience for users. People who sign up at gambling sites no longer have to worry that their information is in danger.

Another area where online casinos are improving is their payment options for adding and withdrawing money. Many casinos are now offering cryptocurrency payments, while a few establishments are “crypto only” in 2022.

Below is an explanation of why crypto casinos are emerging at such a rapid pace in 2022 and why they are likely to grab a larger market share in 2023.

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1. Privacy

People who enthusiastically sign up for online casino sites and then play games or bet on sports matches are extremely privacy-conscious. No one wants their online gambling habits being used against them by a hacker or some other nefarious actor.

An issue with regular online casinos is that you often have to use a bank account or credit card to add and withdraw money. That means there is a link to your real identity, which could compromise your personal or financial security if there is ever a hack of the casino’s database.

Even though online casino sites take great steps to avoid such issues happening, no website is infallible. That is why any privacy-conscious person sees a crypto casino as superior in 2022 and beyond.

2. Improved Security

Aside from having complete privacy when you are signing up for an online casino, adding money, placing bets, and withdrawing your winnings, you can also benefit in other ways from using a crypto casino.

These platforms often have better security against the games being hacked or any bias being present in the algorithm that decides what numbers emerge during a game.

Crypto casinos often feature RNG software to ensure that all numbers churned out by the system during games, poker, blackjack, or roulette are 100 percent random. These casinos also give out unique codes to gamblers, which ensures that only people with access can enter games and use the platform.

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3. Prompt Transactions

Anyone who has ever tried to withdraw money from a standard online casino can understand the frustration of payment delays. There are often waiting times of anywhere from 2 to 5 business days to process a bank transaction, which is not ideal for most gamblers.

By signing up at a crypto casino, betters can ensure they are cashing out their winnings within minutes and receiving that money as bitcoins or another cryptocurrency within hours. They can then convert that cryptocurrency into US dollars or any other currency.

In addition, there are no fees or commissions when you are adding and withdrawing money using crypto. Bank accounts and credit cards often have transaction fees, especially if you are paying money to an institution not based in your home country.

4. Play Competitors From Around the World

A downside to online casinos that rely on bank accounts and credit cards to process transactions is that they are often limited by geography. A casino may have a license to operate in the United States but cannot accept customers from the UK as the relevant payment transactions will not be processed.

Such an issue is not present when you are using cryptocurrency to add and withdraw money from the casino. People from around the world can play, regardless of their citizenship or present residence. All they need is access to cryptocurrency and the online casino platform on their computer or mobile device.

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Bet Safely Using a Reputable Platform

Whether you are playing poker, blackjack, roulette, or another casino game or betting on sports matches, you must do so using a reputable platform. Ensure that you read customer reviews of any website or mobile app before you sign up and add money to your account.

The best platforms offer you the chance to add money to your account using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies. You can also withdraw your winnings using crypto, ensuring you do not need to provide the casino with any personal information that could be used to identify you.


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