Animoca Brands’ Successful Sale of Season 2 TinyTap Publisher NFTs

The blockchain and gaming company Animoca Brands has announced the successful sale of Season 2 Publisher NFTs created by TinyTap, a leader in edtech and educational games. Open Campus, a Web3 education protocol, facilitated the sale. 

Mirroring the burgeoning interest in NFTs within the edu-tech space, all 720 Publisher NFTs were sold. The sale generated 538,560 EDU tokens, equivalent to approximately US$333,907, producing upfront revenue and ensuring ongoing income for the 168 educators on TinyTap’s platform who co-authored these NFTs.

A New Approach to Education: TinyTap’s Publisher NFTs

TinyTap has ushered in an innovative concept in education by introducing Publisher NFTs. The aim is to empower and incentivize content creators and publishers in the edu-tech space. This model intertwines co-publishers rights with specific educational content on TinyTap’s code-free Web2 platform. 

Furthermore, armed with Publisher NFTs, content creators possess digital property rights over the content they create on TinyTap, leading to new levels of autonomy and earning potential. Creators get 50% net proceeds from initial NFT sales, 10% continuous share of content revenue, and 5% royalty from subsequent sales. Open Campus will manage these royalties for Season 2 creators, distributing them periodically.

Expanding Opportunities for Educators with Publisher NFTs

Publisher NFT holders, as co-publishers, are eligible for up to 80% revenue share generated by the content associated with their NFTs. This development allows creators to zero in on creating quality content while TinyTap and NFT holders oversee distribution and promotion. NFT holders can market and sell their assets directly to customers outside the TinyTap platform for additional flexibility, magnifying their potential reach and profit.

The co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, underlined the importance of this successful sale, noting, “This success underscores the immense potential of digital property rights to unlock new earning opportunities for educators in the digital age.”

Echoing this sentiment, Yogev Shelly, CEO of TinyTap, pointed out that this achievement isn’t just about enhancing earning opportunities for educators and building a future where communities substantially impact their curricula and empower teachers and content creators towards attaining genuine educational autonomy.

Overall, the successful sale of Publisher NFTs is a testament to the potential of blockchain technology in creating sustainable and lucrative opportunities for educators. This model provides immediate financial rewards and ensures ongoing income, heralding a new era where educators are adequately compensated and recognized for their invaluable contributions to the world of learning.


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