Akord: The Future of Secure and Decentralized NFT Storage

With NFTs gaining popularity, addressing storage concerns and adopting decentralized solutions is essential. Building on Arweave, a permanent data storage blockchain, Akord ensures secure and efficient on-chain NFT storage.

Transforming NFT Asset Management

Akord presents a reliable and efficient solution for storing NFT assets. It stands out for its permanent, decentralized, and tamper-proof storage capabilities, ensuring that once uploaded, NFT assets remain securely accessible indefinitely. 

The platform is particularly cost-effective, offering 100 MB of free storage with additional space available for purchase. Its user-friendly interface simplifies asset uploading and management, enhanced by features like manifest creation for better organization. 

Accessibility is a key advantage; assets stored on Akord can be retrieved from anywhere globally, thanks to its internet-based accessibility, eliminating concerns about link rot. Additionally, Akord supports the storage of metadata related to NFT assets, providing valuable context such as artist details and asset history. This feature enriches the overall experience for collectors and viewers alike.

Adding Value to NFT Collections

As well as becoming the leading solution for NFT projects on any chain seeking to store their assets on Arweave, Akord now offers NFT creators the possibility to mint “Atomic NFTs“. These NFTs store both the token and assets permanently on the Arweave blockchain. Furthermore, with Akord you can attach the Arweave’s Universal Data license, giving creators unprecedented control over their work and streamlining the Atomic NFT creation process. Go to mint.akord.com to try this feature.

In addition, Akord seeks to offer creators new ways to enhance the value of their NFT collections. One such initiative revolves around token-gated access to its versatile vaults. This technology allows creators to restrict exclusive content within Akord vaults, which can unlock new opportunities for their creative projects and reinforce NFT marketability.

Akord’s most distinctive feature is its unwavering commitment to user-friendliness. By simplifying the process of getting data onto Arweave through its web app, Akord eliminates the complexity associated with Web3 technology. Users only need to store a recovery phrase when signing up, removing the need for third-party wallets or tokens.

Actively Supporting the NFT Community

Beyond providing a reliable, secure, and innovative NFT storage solution, Akord actively supports builders, creators, and NFT projects of all sizes, championing an open and collaborative environment. The Akord team invites interested individuals to join their Discord community, fostering communication and collaboration within the ever-evolving NFT space.

In conclusion, Akord’s advancements in decentralized storage offer a promising path forward for artists, developers, and enthusiasts exploring the burgeoning world of NFTs, putting user accessibility and secure storage at the forefront of its mission.


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