Casio to Launch Exclusive VIRTUAL G-SHOCK NFTs

Casio continues its journey into Web3 by launching a select batch of 2,000 VIRTUAL G-SHOCK NFTs, set to hit the market on December 15. Incorporated into these unique NFTs are images of futuristic, shock-resistant watches. This step is part of a broader initiative by Casio, the VIRTUAL G-SHOCK project, introduced in September 2023, aiming to better connect with the Gen Z demographic and new users through virtual communication spaces.

First Phase Success Paves the Way for VIRTUAL G-SHOCK 

In its initial move, Casio engaged potential customers with the complimentary distribution of G-SHOCK CREATOR PASS NFTs. Holders of these NFTs were granted access to an exclusive community on Discord, the widely-favored communication platform. With an overwhelming response, the original allotment of 15,000 NFTs was scooped up within roughly six hours. Subsequently, these NFTs made way for numerous co-created initiatives, strengthening member interaction and sparking creativity.

The VGA-001 and VGA-002

As of the forthcoming NFT launch, two unique designs of the VIRTUAL G-SHOCK watch will be featured. By integrating a balloon concept, VGA-001 brings forward a vibrant, balloon-adorned G-SHOCK timepiece. On the contrary, VGA-002 projects a leaf spring concept, visualizing a shock-resistant, futuristic G-SHOCK model operated by spring forces. The adoption of these designs showcases the forward-thinking attitude that is being channeled in the VIRTUAL G-SHOCK project. 


Before the anticipated sales event, beginning November 28, Casio pledges to deliver additional G-SHOCK CREATOR PASS NFTs at no cost. These NFTs, besides offering holders advanced purchasing rights for the VIRTUAL G-SHOCK NFTs, highlight their value to the brand’s digital community.

To conclude, Casio’s endorsement of the VIRTUAL G-SHOCK project transcends these NFT releases. With a focus on introducing more co-creation ventures, the brand’s ultimate goal is to provide unique experiences to its users and broaden its connections within digital communities. As more brands come up with innovative ways to embrace their communities with Web3, we hope to see more adoption in the coming year.


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