Animoca Brands’ Vision: Yat Siu Sees AI Crypto Transactions and NFTs Beyond the Hype

Yat Siu, the founder of Animoca Brands, sees a future where most transactions, “70-80%”, will be conducted by autonomous AI agents using cryptocurrency. Alongside this prediction, Siu expresses optimism about the growth and potential of NFTs. Since its inception in 2014, Animoca Brands has emerged as a prominent player in the blockchain and NFT industry, with its valuation reaching an impressive $5.9 billion in September 2022.

The Vision of Future Transactions: AI and Cryptocurrency

The rise of Web3, empowered by open-source and decentralized applications built on blockchain technology, is set to champion cryptocurrency as the preferred transaction medium. This growth unfolds against a backdrop of the current enthusiasm around AI, something Siu believes will stabilize. In an interview with Financial News, he emphasizes AI’s potential benefits, stating, “If we think about AIs transacting with each other as autonomous beings in the future, what currency they will transact in, it has to be crypto. In the future, 70-80% of transactions will happen through autonomous AI agents, and the decentralized nature of crypto makes it a perfect match.”

The upsurge in interest in AI has been notably fueled by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and the subsequent introduction of WorldCoin by OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman. These cutting-edge ventures have intertwined AI and crypto in a way that has caught the world’s attention, showcasing the possibilities at the intersection of technology and finance.

Animoca Brands continues its relentless pursuit of Web3 innovations, investing $30 million in the Web3 payment application, Hi. The company’s investment portfolio includes approximately 450 Web3 startups, reflecting its commitment to the digital realm. Siu identifies Asia and the Middle East as potential epicentres for the next phase of Web3 expansion, acknowledging Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates’ roles in laying the groundwork for Web3 businesses.

Perspectives on the NFT Market: Beyond the Hype

Siu remains optimistic about the NFT landscape. While the US market may harbor skepticism, Asia and the Middle East maintain a positive outlook. Siu emphasizes the NFT market’s maturity and its consistent growth in participants, telling Financial News, “We have passed the NFT hype cycle. NFTs are still doing volumes of around $1 billion per month, that’s not too dead. The number of people joining the NFT ecosystem is still increasing on a net basis.”

These comments suggest that the true potential of NFTs is just beginning. He concludes by stressing the increasing utility of NFTs as the best way to manage digital properties, asserting that they will continue to grow in relevance and influence beyond the initial hype and recent setbacks.

The intersection of AI, cryptocurrency, and NFTs offers a glimpse into a future filled with possibilities. As nations prioritize the development of robust Web3 infrastructures and as perceptions of NFTs evolve, the stage is set for a transformative era where digital transactions redefine our understanding of currency, value, and connectivity.


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