ALTAVA’s AI-Powered Digital Wearables to Enhance Darewise’s Bitcoin Metaverse

Darewise, a Web3 AAA gaming studio, is partnering with ALTAVA to integrate their AI-powered platform for digital wearables into Darewise’s Bitcoin Metaverse ecosystem. This collaboration will see Darewise, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, incorporate advanced digital fashion technology into their upcoming game, Life Beyond.

Life Beyond: Blending Digital Fashion and Gaming

Darewise’s Life Beyond aims to create a connection between the digital and real world, and digital fashion is a vital part of this endeavor. ALTAVA‘s contribution to this domain is an innovative approach to digital wearables that enhances the gaming experience and allows for personalized expression and style in virtual settings.

Source Darewise

Darewise recently engaged with Horizen Labs to introduce the first metaverse ecosystem token on the Bitcoin platform using the Ordinal protocol. The aim of this initiative is to enhance gaming, brand experiences, and real-life events within the Bitcoin ecosystem. ALTAVA’s involvement marks an exciting step forward in introducing the fashion sector to the Bitcoin metaverse.

Moreover, the partnership between ALTAVA and Darewise targets more than just technology integration; it aims to transform how users engage with digital fashion in the metaverse

Leveraging Technology for a Brighter Metaverse Future

As a digital fashion pioneer, ALTAVA boasts an impressive history of collaborations with globally recognized luxury brands, including Fendi, LVMH, The Sandbox, and Prada. Their AI platform empowers brands and creators to design and launch digital fashion across multiple metaverse platforms. This technology simplifies the creative process and expands fashion horizons in digital spaces.

Accordingly, the partnership sees ALTAVA joining the Life Beyond Fashion Council. This means ALTAVA will receive Darewise’s metaverse and technology expertise in exchange for its crucial role in shaping the future of fashion within the Life Beyond ecosystem.

With offices in Seoul, Tokyo, London, and Paris, ALTAVA is acclaimed for its luxury fashion metaverse platform that enables users to explore, interact, and express themselves using high-fidelity avatars. The partnership with Darewise Entertainment presents a substantial milestone in blending fashion and gaming within the expanding realm of the Bitcoin metaverse.


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