Animoca Brands CEO Foresees Rise of Triple-A Console-Style Web3 Games

The CEO of Animoca Brands, Robby Yung, has shared his expectations for the future of Web3 gaming, predicting the launch of more triple-A console-style games in the coming years. Yung believes that the Web3 gaming space, which is currently dominated by play-to-earn and casual gaming titles, will witness a shift towards high-quality, immersive gaming experiences. He cites games like Life Beyond, Devourers, and Phantom Galaxies as current examples of this evolving category.

The Rise of Triple-A Console-Style Games in Web3

According to Yung, the Web3 gaming landscape is set to expand beyond its current focus on play-to-earn and casual titles. Yung expects the introduction of more triple-A console-style games that offer immersive gameplay and captivating storytelling.

Notable examples include Life Beyond, an upcoming game that has recently transitioned from early alpha testing to a full launch. Yung emphasizes the game’s development team, known for producing high-quality traditional games, which assures a content style that appeals to more traditional gamers.

Exploring the Revv Ecosystem

During the discussion, Yung also touched upon the Revv ecosystem, which encompasses games such as Moto GP and Formula E, along with Revv Racing and other branded games. The Revv ecosystem is unified by the Rev token ecosystem, providing players with a seamless experience across various game titles. Yung anticipates exciting developments within the Revv ecosystem in the next six months, further enhancing the gaming experiences available to Web3 enthusiasts.

Combining Traditional and Blockchain Gaming

Yung believes that the gaming industry is gradually moving towards a hybrid model that combines elements of traditional gaming with blockchain technology. While recognizing the importance of the mobile and casual gaming sectors, which collectively account for a significant portion of the market, Yung envisions a gradual integration of blockchain and NFTs into the gaming landscape. This approach allows for a seamless transition and ensures that the benefits of Web3 gaming are accessible to a broader audience.

Yung remains highly optimistic about the potential of the metaverse but challenges the centralized and closed definition often associated with it. According to Yung, the true essence of the metaverse lies in the integration of blockchain technology, enabling content interoperability and fostering a decentralized ecosystem. This open approach ensures that users have greater control over their digital experiences within the metaverse.

During the discussion, Yung highlighted the impact of regulatory ambiguity on the crypto and Web3 industry. He acknowledged that the lack of clarity surrounding regulations has led to risk aversion and hesitation among investors. Yung praised France for its emergence as a prominent Web3 hub, attributing this success to the presence of talented entrepreneurs who have been actively building in the space for a considerable time.


Robby Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands, provides valuable insights into the future of Web3 gaming. His predictions indicate a shift towards triple-A console-style games, the ongoing development within the Revv ecosystem, and the importance of blockchain integration in creating a more inclusive and immersive gaming experience. As the industry continues to evolve, addressing regulatory challenges and fostering an open metaverse will be crucial for realizing the full potential of Web3 gaming.


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