STP Launches Innovative Web3 Identity Solution: AWNS

Standard Tokenization Protocol (STP) has announced the launch of the Autonomous Worlds Naming Service (AWNS), a significant new addition to the gaming environment landscape. Based on the ERC-6551 token standard, AWNS is an identity solution designed to transform how we integrate in the Web3 and blockchain-based spaces.

AWNS Enhances User Interaction in Decentralized Environments

The newly launched service features domains ending in .aw, providing a distinctive approach for users to merge into decentralized environments. This development exceeds the conventional username-wallet connections, laying the groundwork for deeper involvement in these evolving spaces.

In another innovative move, AWNS brings in the concept of tokenbound accounts (TBAs), a type of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) powered by the ERC-6551. These TBAs present a unique property where each NFT could own a wallet and hold various digital assets, opening up a new realm of possibilities.

TBAs demonstrate impressive versatility, offering storage for diverse assets including cryptocurrencies, other NFTs, and even other TBAs. Each TBA comes with its unique on-chain history – authentic and trackable. Driven by the capability and flexibility of ERC-6551, TBAs open up a gateway of potential applications, with a major potential in gaming contexts. Here, they allow characters to maintain a cross-platform record of assets and achievements.

Streamlining DAOs with AWNS

AWNS also introduces feature that allows creators to form multiple persona identities under a single account- a significant advantage for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). This enables DAOs to streamline participation and the distribution of token airdrops. With AWNS, DAOs can set specific conditions for access rights and directly drop tokens to AWNS account NFTs, creating a simpler and more effective distribution process.

AWNS has already received a significant guide of the wind, drawing participation from over 20 partners, including gaming studios and infrastructure providers, during its waitlist period. This signals an extensive level of interest and potential for widespread adoption, marking a promising future for the new identity solution. The launch of AWNS by STP marks a milestone in gaming and blockchain innovations, taking important strides into new horizons.


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