Upland and KABOOM! Unite to Address Playspace Inequity

Upland, a Web3 Metaverse SuperApp, has recently announced a partnership with KABOOM!, a national nonprofit committed to ending playspace inequity. The alliance was inspired by UCC Dak, an Upland player and host of “Perpetual Good in the Metaverse” on Twitter. UCC Dak advocates for using Web3 technology and user-generated content to positively impact the physical world.

These efforts aim to generate new income sources, open up markets, and introduce new generations to organizations with a mission-driven focus. In line with UCC Dak’s approach to Web3, Upland and KABOOM! are collaborating to offer a sale of five NFT map assets, inspired by KABOOM! ‘s playgrounds across the nation.

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Playground-Inspired NFTs to Generate Social Impact

The Toss-Shak, a 3D design studio within Upland, has designed unique user-generated 3D map assets inspired by KABOOM! playgrounds.

Comprising three active Upland players—TossHed, Shaktikyn, and Fadi04—this collaborative effort has created unique, playground-inspired items. The first asset, named KABOOM! Dino, is designed as a multi-faceted play structure that develops imaginative and physical development. Complete with climbing areas and slides, this structure aims not only to entertain but also to promote social interaction among kids.

Beyond the KABOOM! Dino, the design studio, has also breathed life into other classic playground structures. Among these are the KABOOM! Swings, an iconic playground feature which has thrilled many generations of children. Moreover, Monkey bars, another playground staple, have been reimagined in three variations: the classic KABOOM! Monkey Bars, the KABOOM! Loop Monkey Bars offers a more challenging layout and the KABOOM! Crescent Monkey Bars also adds a new twist to this traditional play structure.

KABOOM! Senior Fellow James Siegal expressed excitement about the partnership: “We at KABOOM! are mission-driven builders…That is why we are so excited to be collaborating with the Upland community.” He continued, “And what better way to start than by bringing virtual playgrounds to Upland’s world as a way to accelerate our work. Together, we can literally put playgrounds on the map and build a better, more joyful world for every kid.”

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Real-World Impact

As part of the partnership, KABOOM! will open an office in Upland’s Chicago location, modeled as a factory and showroom. The Upland Chicago addresses have a direct correlation with real-world KABOOM! locations. For example, the KABOOM! Showroom at 6727 South California Avenue in Upland, Chicago, shares an address with a real-world playground built in collaboration with Catalyst Schools 10 years ago.

Upland Chief of Staff Danny Brown Wolf highlighted the aligned missions of the two organizations, stating, “Together, we will leverage our collective expertise to create inclusive, cutting-edge play environments.”

UCC Dak, the individual whose vision led to this partnership, emphasized his alignment with the partnership: “I’m a big kid at heart and supporting the mission of KABOOM! to create playspaces for kids where they can do the most good, well – it aligns with my core values and the kid in me.”

The playground-inspired Map Assets will be accessible via Google Play and App Stores, and also on the web.

Upland and KABOOM!: Two Innovators in Different Spheres

Based in Silicon Valley and with additional locations in Las Vegas, Ukraine, and Brazil, Upland was recognized as one of Fast Company’s “Next Big Things in Tech” for 2021 and was listed among “22 San Francisco Startups To Watch in 2022” by Built In SF. Upland operates as an open Web3 platform for a real-world mapped metaverse aiming to establish a vibrant maker community. It’s an ‘entrepreneur economy’ that empowers players, creators, developers, and brands to create experiences, generate revenue from assets, and offer utility and enjoyment to other users.

Since 1996, KABOOM! has collaborated with children and local communities to develop or overhaul more than 17,000 playspaces, ensuring that nearly 12 million children benefit from equitable access to these crucial recreational areas. In 2022, KABOOM! rolled out its 25 in 5 Initiative to End Playspace Inequity, which aims to expedite the organization’s mission by focusing on 25 key locations over five years.


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