Decentraland Hosts the First Metaverse Architecture Biennale

The first-ever Metaverse Architecture Biennale is set to commence in Decentraland from September 21-24. This event, organized by Dearch Space, W3rlds, and Metancy, seeks to blend architecture’s innovative facets with the rapidly evolving Web3 ecosystem. Determined to highlight the transformative potential of combining architectural brilliance with digital technology, the organizers have curated a rich program for attendees. Under the theme ‘Presence of the Future’, visitors can anticipate an immersive experience featuring over 30 digital builds created by architects from across the globe.

The Futuristic World of Architecture

During the four-day event, attendees can look forward to musical performances, parties, and panel discussions. The event aims to provide a comprehensive glimpse into the futuristic world of architecture. The organizers have also extended an open invitation to everyone, encouraging them to partake in this revolutionary journey of witnessing the evolution of architecture in a digitally dominated landscape.

The event takes inspiration from established platforms like the Venice Biennale and Expo, offering a medley of virtual pavilions and worlds. Some noteworthy names in the avant-garde of digital design contributing to the event include Killa Design, LAVA, and ATRIUM, among others. Moreover, 17 participants were selected through an open call to showcase their projects, standing alongside the architects invited by the curators.

Absence and Presence Source Decentraland

The Experience and Technical Aspects

The Biennale is not confined to Decentraland but extends its presence to the W3rlds platform. The unique structure of the event allows for over sixty specially designed spaces, with each architect creating an installation for both platforms. This setup facilitates an interactive experience, enabling attendees to teleport between platforms and engage with various exhibits and a global community of creators.

In terms of programming, the event is slated to offer a diverse range of activities, including opening and closing ceremonies, an Architecture Carnival, and various other cultural and entertainment events. Representatives from companies like Zaha Hadid Architects and UN Studio will grace the event, contributing to discussions on pertinent topics, such as the rise of digital fashion and Web3 and the Metaverse business dynamics.

For an optimized experience, attendees are encouraged to use the Decentraland Desktop app, which promises better graphics and a more stable connection than browser access. The Decentraland platform, built on the Ethereum blockchain, facilitates the creation and sale of digital assets, including land and wearables, offering a rich terrain for exploration and socialization.


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