Ghana Post Introduces Blockchain-Enabled NFT Stamps for Royal Celebration

Ghana’s national postal service is commemorating the silver jubilee of its king’s coronation by introducing a unique set of crypto stamps linked to NFTs, which are verifiable over the blockchain. This blend of tradition and technology celebrates the king’s 25 years on the throne.

A Bridge Between Tradition and Technology

The crypto stamp collection, limited to 7,200 pieces and priced at 250 Ghana Cedi ($18) each, embodies a significant technological leap by merging physical stamps with digital counterparts on the blockchain. This ensures the longevity of the commemorative issue, preserving the memory of the king’s reign indefinitely. 

The process involves linking each physical stamp containing an integrated near-field communication (NFC) chip to its digital twin on the blockchain. This pairing is vital for claiming the exclusivity of the NFT.

However, the Ghana Post’s website lacks crucial information regarding international shipping options for these crypto stamps, potentially limiting their accessibility to global collectors. Moreover, Ghana Post lists these stamps as the most expensive in its current catalogue, offering a unique one-on-one exclusive gold frame stamp for about 100,000 cedis ($7,200).

The introduction of crypto stamps in Ghana reflects a growing global trend. Last year, Germany’s Deutsche Post launched its first-ever crypto stamp on the Polygon blockchain, featuring the iconic Brandenburg Gate. This marked the start of their “Historical Buildings” collection, blending traditional philatelic art with modern NFT technology.

Similarly, the Faroe Islands introduced its first crypto stamp collection, ‘Stamps of Maybe‘, with a unique feature: the digital appearance of each stamp is influenced by real-time local weather data. This dynamic aspect allows the stamp’s rarity and appearance to evolve until the owner decides to set its digital form permanently.


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