How Inco and Privy are Changing the Game on Telegram

Inco and Privy have recently joined forces to develop games on Telegram that offer enhanced privacy through a universal confidentiality layer applicable to Ethereum and other networks.

One of the main aims of Inco’s partnership with Privy is to simplify the process for crypto app developers to onboard users onto their platforms. By leveraging familiar web development standards such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/React, developers can easily create Telegram Mini Apps that are integrated within the messaging app. This makes it easier for developers to reach the vast user base of Telegram, which boasts over 900 million users globally.

Advantages of Telegram Mini Apps

Telegram Mini Apps offer several benefits for both developers and users alike. For developers, these mini-applications provide the opportunity for task automation through Telegram bots, seamless gaming experiences without the need for app downloads, and in-app purchase and subscription monetization features. This means that developers can create engaging games that are easily accessible to users without the hassle of downloading a separate application.

For users, Telegram Mini Apps offer cross-platform continuity with session history synchronization across web and mobile. This means that they can seamlessly switch between devices without losing their progress in the game. Additionally, these mini-applications also offer enhanced privacy through a universal confidentiality layer, ensuring secure gameplay.

The Future of Web3 Industry

Inco’s CEO, Remi Gai, believes that building decentralized apps directly within Telegram could be a future trend that boosts the Web3 industry. While Telegram may not traditionally be known as a gaming platform, Inco sees the potential for browser-based social games on the messaging app, utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/React for development.

Inco also leverages Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) to allow game developers to create mini-games that maintain confidentiality and randomness in gameplay, enhancing security for players. This means that game developers can focus on creating engaging and challenging games without compromising the security of their users’ personal information.

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Enhancing Security through Self-Custodial Wallets

Another aspect of Inco and Privy’s partnership is the integration of self-custodial wallets for users engaging with on-chain games. This not only reduces centralized risks but also enhances security for players. By giving users control over their own wallets, they can feel more confident in engaging with on-chain games without worrying about the security of their funds.

Inco is not just focused on creating its own games, but rather providing infrastructure that supports other developers in creating secure and engaging games. The long-term vision for Inco includes enhancing game mechanics such as concealing game information to prevent cheating and increase fairness. With the rise of blockchain technology, it is clear that Inco and Privy’s partnership is just the beginning of a new era for privacy-enhancing games on Telegram. So get ready to experience a whole new level of gaming on your favorite messaging app!


The partnership between Inco and Privy marks a significant step towards the development of privacy-enhancing games on Telegram. By leveraging familiar web development standards and utilizing innovative technologies such as FHE, Inco is transforming the way developers create games while prioritizing user privacy and security. With the potential to reach over 900 million users globally, Telegram Mini Apps offer a promising platform for game developers. And with enhancements in game mechanics and the integration of self-custodial wallets, Inco is paving the way for a more secure and fair gaming experience on Telegram.

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