Immutable Leads Web3 Gaming Evolution at Gamescom 2023

Gamescom 2023 is gearing up to be an extraordinary event, with nearly 300,000 attendees and over 130 million internet viewers. Among the highlights for Web3 gamers and beyond, Immutable has announced the playable demo of Infinite Victory, a futuristic sports game developed by Bit Fry Studios. In addition to Infinite Victory, attendees will have the opportunity to experience other playable demos of eagerly awaited Immutable-based Web3 games, including Shardbound and Battle Derby.

Infinite Victory: A Fusion of Sports

The excitement surrounding Infinite Victory stems from its innovative gameplay. Unlike traditional basketball, it’s a fusion of five different sports—basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, and American Football—all wrapped in a 3v3 basketball format. This creative spin has the potential to offer strategic depth and intense action, reminiscent of the iconic movie “Space Jam.”

Bit Fry Studios, run by former VP at Take-Two Interactive Chris Mate and ex-Major League Baseball player Todd Zeile, is the driving force behind Infinite Victory. The studio’s background and the pre-registration for the Alpha playtest this fall add to the anticipation.

Shardbound, MetalCore, and Battle Derby

In addition to Infinite Victory, Gamescom attendees can test other highly anticipated Immutable-based Web3 titles like Shardbound, MetalCore, and Battle Derby. Each game is unique, from Shardbound’s next-generation collectible strategy to Battle Derby’s high-octane racing.

Shardbound is gearing up for its Alpha playtest launch on September 7. Gamescom attendees will not only have a chance to play the exclusive build, but a limited number of spots will also be reserved for Gamescom players, granting guaranteed access to the limited 1,000-player Alpha playtest. This is exciting news to the growing community that has tripled since Shardbound’s revival was announced at GDC.

Furthermore, attendees can experience the high-octane racing game Battle Derby and watch a live-streamed MetalCore tournament hosted by The MetalCore tournament will feature community members and influencers battling for over $5,000 worth of prizes, including legendary mech NFTs for winners. Attendees interested in joining the action can scan a QR code to sign up for the MetalCore Early Access list via the Epic Games Store (EGS).

Source Shardbound

Introducing Battle Derby by Triple O Games

Triple O Games, led by experienced industry figures, will showcase Battle Derby. This racing title, which combines arcade driving with strategic challenges, adds another dimension to Immutable’s diverse array of games.

Immutable’s Chief Studio Officer, Justin Hulog, expressed eagerness to showcase the games developed with Immutable, saying “We’re eager to finally take the wrapper off some of the amazing games our partners have been developing with Immutable. We are thrilled to provide a glimpse into the exciting future of gaming that awaits players.”

With a history of hosting hundreds of thousands of in-person attendees and millions of online viewers, Gamescom 2023 is poised to surpass previous records. The opportunity to test play Immutable’s flagship titles, combined with tournaments and insights into the future of Web3 gaming, will ensure an influential event for the gaming community.


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