Mythical Games Integrates NFT Purchasing on iOS and Android

Mythical Games has introduced a feature in its officially licensed mobile football game, NFL Rivals, that allows players to purchase NFT player cards on the secondary market via iOS and Android applications. 

Previously, this capability was exclusive to Mythical’s web-based marketplace, but the integration into mobile platforms is likely to enhance user experience and engagement. This update targets players who have reached user level 4 or higher in the game and aims to foster a seamless transaction process.

The “Improve My Roster” Button and New In-Game Currency

The new feature is accessible to players through the “Improve My Roster” button in the NFL Rivals game. Upon reaching user level 4 or above, players can browse and purchase suggested NFT player cards. To facilitate these transactions, Mythical Games has introduced an in-game currency called Credits, which players can purchase with fiat currency. This currency serves as an intermediary, simplifying the purchase process and providing a uniform method of exchange within the game environment.

The integration of this purchase capability directly into the mobile platforms serves to streamline the user experience. Players can engage with the NFT marketplace without leaving the app, thus increasing the likelihood of participation. Moreover, the introduction of Credits adds an element of coherence to the purchasing process, potentially enhancing user understanding and acceptance of NFT transactions within the game.

Expanding In-Game Marketplace Integrations

Mythical Games has indicated that the current development is only a part of a broader plan to expand in-game marketplace integrations in the coming months. The company has intentions to allow players to buy and sell NFTs directly through the game, broadening the scope of NFT trading within the NFL Rivals environment.

This planned expansion is reflective of a growing trend within the gaming industry to integrate non-fungible tokens as a core part of the gaming experience. By providing avenues for players to engage in NFT transactions directly within the game, Mythical Games is fostering an ecosystem where digital ownership and commerce are more intertwined with gameplay.


The integration of NFT purchasing into the NFL Rivals mobile platforms by Mythical Games marks a strategic development in enhancing accessibility and engagement within the game. By offering a seamless path for players to purchase NFTs and introducing a dedicated in-game currency, the company is likely improving the user experience and paving the way for further innovations in this domain. 


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