Oasys and Amazon Web Services Launch Web3 Gaming Hackathon

Oasys, a game-optimized blockchain, is co-hosting the GameWave Genesis Hackathon with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Singapore. In partnership with Ubisoft, ChainGuardians, Adventure Gold DAO, and AAG, the event focuses on Web3 game innovation. Moreover, with a total prize pool of 42,000 USD, the hackathon aims to empower game developers through education, sponsorship, and dedicated support for building on Oasys.

Taking place at Ethereum Singapore 2023 and TOKEN2049, commencing on Aug 18 and concluding on Sep 13; the Hackathon promises to be a space for cutting-edge gaming creativity. It aims to give developers a stage to showcase their talents and unite with those who share their vision for making Web3 gaming go mainstream.

Bridging Traditional Gaming with Web3

The GameWave Hackathon provides Web3 game developers with the chance to create an environment where users can build and deploy on Oasys and its Layer2, which consists of multiple Verses. The event focuses on interoperability, integrating NFTs and in-game components, and creating autonomous worlds, acting as a bridge between traditional gaming and the Web3 space.

“Since its inception, Oasys has empowered developers worldwide to innovate. We know developers face unique challenges to make their games Web3-ready and interoperable in the blockchain age,” says Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys. ” He added, “We want to call out to our fast-growing developer network to rally around making a difference in a dynamic and innovative space.”

The hackathon is set to dive into the transformative potential of Oasys and Web3 gaming, including engaging AMA sessions as highlights. Participants can also meet with the minds behind Oasys and Verses and representatives from leading tech and gaming companies. Furthermore, they’ll collaborate on ideas, products, and the development of innovative Web3 games, setting the stage for the next generation of gaming.

Source Oasys

Prizes and Sponsor Categories

The Oasys prize will be awarded to the top three products, with a total of 30,000 USD in USDT distributed as follows: 15,000 USD for first place, 10,000 USD for second place, and 5,000 USD for third place. Alongside this monetary reward, participants will benefit from 30,000 USD in AWS Credits, special perks from Ubisoft, and support in deploying their projects on Oasys or its connected Verses. Additionally, sponsors of Oasys have provided extra prizes across several unique categories:

  • Ubisoft Prize: 3,000 USD

Theme: Interoperability around Champions Tactics or tools for helping interoperability between Web3 games.

  • ChainGuardians Prize: 3,000 USD

Theme: Products demonstrating a creative or educational use case of OASYS L2 blockchain or considering the interoperability of the creator’s NFTs on Oasys.

  • AAG Prize: 3,000 USD

Theme: Utilize TomoOne NFT as a pivotal game element, aiming to increase utilities for TomoOne NFT by creating casual/mini games for 10k+ TomoOne active users.

  • Adventure Gold DAO Prize: 3,000 USD

Theme: Create an Autonomous World or a connecting Dapp on Loot Chain.

Event Timeline and Judging Criteria

Developers participating in the hackathon must choose a theme and submit their product by the deadline on September 5th. Other key dates to note include an AMA session on August 22nd, the announcement of finalists on September 8th, and the Demo Day, which will be held at the AWS Office in Singapore on September 13th.

The evaluation of projects is based on two criteria. Basic criteria include how well the project fits with Oasys, the quality of gameplay and user experience for games, improvement in user experience for non-game products, and the originality of the concept. More advanced aspects of the evaluation will look at the availability of a demo, the stability of the team behind the project, and the potential for business success. Each sponsor will choose a winner from the submissions, while Oasys and AWS will jointly select the top three prizes from all the submitted products.

The GameWave Genesis Hackathon also boasts a distinguished panel of judges that brings expertise and insight to the evaluation process. Judges include Dominic Jang from Oasys and representatives
from AWS and each sponsor.

Opportunity for Developers in Web3 Gaming

This event marks a milestone in developing innovation, education, and collaboration in the gaming and blockchain industries. With top industry professionals in the judging panel and the chance to showcase skills, GameWave Genesis Hackathon represents a chance for developers to make their mark in the rapidly evolving world of Web3 gaming.

Applications for the hackathon are now being accepted on the Dorahacks website. Participants have the opportunity to join specific channels, where they can collaborate with other builders and obtain additional information directly from the Oasys team.


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