5 Web3 Games You Need to Explore

The sphere of Web3 gaming is a fusion of cutting-edge digital technology and interactive entertainment. This article takes you on a tour of five noteworthy Web3 games in this evolving gaming industry. Leveraging blockchain technology, these platforms are reshaping traditional gaming concepts by offering true digital asset ownership, immersive gameplay, and dynamic online social interactions. Here are 5 Web3 games worth checking out.

My Pet Hooligan

My Pet Hooligan, is a free-to-play immersive open world where players have the liberty to explore, engage in combat, interact socially, and gather various items. The hooligans possess individualistic qualities that are certain to leave an impression. Armed with various utilities, these distinctive rabbits also serve as playable characters in the burgeoning metaverse game. Integrating gaming with NFTs, My Pet Hooligan aims to create an engaging and new experience level, attracting a broader audience.

Hooliland City, an environment designed to facilitate interaction, networking, gaming, and other activities, is essential to the My Pet Hooligan’s blockchain setup. It utilizes advanced technologies, allowing users to customize their characters’ appearances extensively.

Pets can engage in combat against other players in either one-on-one or two-on-two match-ups. Victors in these battles are rewarded, and these rewards can be utilized to acquire new cards, pets, or various other items within the game. In order to gain access to the Early Access Alpha 2.0 Turbo, you are required to possess either an OG Hooligan or a ZuckBot. If you do not own any of these assets, you can apply for a download key here.


Enter BLOCKLORDS, a medieval grand strategy game where the players shape the world and narrative. Here, you have the freedom to choose your path and destiny, whether as a peaceful Farmer, a protective Knight, a battle-thirsty Raider, a noble Lord or Lady, or an all-powerful Ruler.


BLOCKLORDS aspires to lead the strategy genre in web3 gaming, combining elements popularized by successful franchises like Age of Empires and Crusader Kings. Every decision made in Blocklords impacts a player’s legacy, empowering them to create unique shared experiences. The players fully own the game’s economy, with each Hero character being a digital asset. BLOCKLORDS is presently in the development phase, with preparations underway for the Early Access release according to their website.


Developed by Bazooka Tango and published by Immutable Games, Shardbound is a collectible tactics game that combines the strategic depth of a tactics battle, the allure of a collectible card game, and the tension of a poker tournament.

Source Shardbound

Built on Immutable zkEVM, Shardbound invites players into an immersive universe of epic combat and empowers them with configurable digital ownership. It also provides a democratic trading card ecosystem and a smooth gaming experience, venturing into territories previously uncharted in gaming. You can pre-register for the game now with your email or Immutable passport.

The Martian Premier League

The Martian Premier League brings a new society to Mars, comprising 10,000 unique characters, including 9,000 humans and 1,000 Martians. To partake in the Martian Premier League game, players must purchase an NFT. The Martian Premier League welcomes NFT holders to partake in training, trading, and competition. For the first time, holders can create a Genesis NFT player who can play in the Martian Premier League. These Genesis characters have the potential to be useful in future MPL games.

Source The Martian Premier League

Gaffer’s new society considers these 10,000 characters as the pioneers of Mars, tasked with developing a new civilization following Earth’s apocalypse. The Martian Premier League allows participants to enjoy the gameplay and be a part of something much bigger – the evolution of a new civilization. You can read the origin comic here.

Sky City

Emerging from the innovative realms of metaverse development, AlterVerse stakes its claim in an already competitive landscape with its decentralized, 3D, multiplayer, interconnected, VR-enabled platform. This ambitious metaverse is currently under construction, with its flagship offering, Sky City, highlighting its distinctive features.

Sky City, the beating heart of the Alterverse, is characterized as a Massively Multiplayer Online Social Sandbox Game (MMOSSG). It’s an interactive hub and a dynamic world brimming with numerous activities and unique opportunities.

Source Sky City

In this bustling virtual metropolis, players can partake in mini-games, shop for digital or physical goods, and express their creativity through home decoration. Sky City mirrors the pulse of an energetic urban setting, featuring sky cars, live events, and private penthouses. Realism is pushed further with immersive details such as full day/night cycles and weather transitions. According to the their website, Sky City is 85% complete with the launch coming in 2023.


The world of Web3 gaming is constantly evolving, offering many immersive experiences. Each game discussed in this article showcases the potential of this burgeoning field – from strategic gameplay and character customization to true asset ownership and the amalgamation of real and virtual economies. As we see the lines between reality and virtuality blur, it’s clear that Web3 gaming presents a universe of endless possibilities.


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