Steve McQueen’s Legacy in Web3: A Unique NFT Collection

Renowned as the “king of cool,” Steve McQueen, with his enduring passion for motorcycles, is entering the Web3 space. His indomitable spirit lives on through an exclusive NFT collection to be launched on July 14. This project is a collaborative endeavor involving the McQueen Estate, Web3 talent agency Verified Labs, contemporary artist Michael Kalish, Triumph Motorcycles, and Web3 animation studio Immersive Entertainment Laboratories (IEL).

The collection comprises 1,000 generative art collectibles with distinct rarity traits, aiming to pay tribute to the iconic actor. ThetaDrop platform, part of the Theta network, serves as the marketplace for these digitally immersive pieces. The conception of this project was sparked by an original portrait of McQueen that artist Michael Kalish created in 2022, a process that involved the participation of Chase, McQueen’s grandson.

Unveiling the “King of Cool Racing Team” NFTs

This exclusive “King of Cool Racing Team” collection offers more than just a digital asset. Each NFT collector receives a digital motorcycle shipping crate, a gateway to their one-of-a-kind, virtual Triumph Bonneville T100 Motorcycle. As owners pry open the crate, they simultaneously secure their King of Cool Racing Team membership. This membership opens doors to future token-gated content, events, and games.

In addition to this virtual motorcycle, each collectible includes a detailed 3D Steve McQueen portrait. This digital artwork can be explored more intricately using a virtual reality headset.

Source The Steve McQueen Collection

The Legacy Continues: McQueen’s Influence

McQueen, admired for his performances in films like “The Cincinnati Kid” and “The Towering Inferno” was also an avid motorcycle enthusiast. McQueen was a formidable participant in off-road competitions such as the Baja 1000 and the Elsinore Grand Prix. Additionally, he represented the United States in the 1964 International Six Days Trial (ISDT), further demonstrating his competitive spirit and expertise in the field.

Artist Michael Kalish, who was instrumental in this project, asserted in a statement that his artwork is significantly influenced by Americana, a concept that McQueen has greatly impacted throughout his career. He added, “Having the opportunity to partner with the Steve McQueen family has been a perfect intersection of my passions as an artist and who Steve McQueen was to all of us on the big screen. There is so much overlap in our love of cars, motorcycles, family, American Iconic objects and moments.”

Legends in Web3

Steve McQueen’s entry into the blockchain comes on the heels of other late celebrities being honored in a similar manner. Last April marked an intriguing evolution in the enduring legacy of renowned martial artist Bruce Lee. His estate teamed up with Shibuya, sparking the introduction of Bruce Lee NFTs. This initiative is a sterling example of how iconic figures are reborn on the blockchain through NFTs, underscoring the potential of the Web3 era.


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