Bruce Lee NFTs: Enter the Web3 Dragon

Bruce Lee NFTs Bring Martial Arts Icon into Web3 Era

The Bruce Lee Estate has joined forces with Shibuya, an NFT-driven video platform, to establish a Web3 presence for the legendary martial artist. An Ethereum-based open edition NFT called “House of Lee: Genesis” is now available, created in partnership with Shibuya. In a captivating video clip shared on social media, Bruce Lee transforms from a live-action recording into an anime-style animation.

Not only was Bruce Lee a gifted and devastating martial artist, he became and still is a cultural icon throughout the world.

Collaboration with the Bruce Lee Estate

Renowned artist Emily “pplpleasr” Yang crafted the hand-drawn artwork of Bruce Lee, collaborating with Shannon Lee, Bruce’s daughter and the founder and president of the Bruce Lee Estate. Priced at just 0.008 ETH or approximately $15, this NFT serves as a “ticket to the House of Lee.” The mint concludes this Friday.

This launch signifies the beginning of an extensive Web3 collaboration between Shibuya and the Bruce Lee Estate. Although Shibuya has previously focused on developing original video series that enable NFT holders to influence the production process, their plans for Bruce Lee content remain uncertain at this stage.

The increasing popularity of open edition NFTs stems from their affordability and gamification utilities that encourage collectors to buy and burn multiple editions for exclusive rewards.

The teaser clip of the Bruce Lee NFT hints at Shibuya’s ongoing work on Bruce Lee animation. Moreover, the clip will be showcased on a Times Square video billboard in New York City during the NFT.NYC conference this month. Further details regarding the collaboration between Shibuya and the Bruce Lee Estate are eagerly anticipated.

The collaboration between the Bruce Lee Estate and Shibuya signifies an exciting new chapter in the legendary martial artist’s legacy. Furthermore, the introduction of Bruce Lee NFTs demonstrates the potential for iconic figures to find new life in the Web3 era. While details about the ongoing partnership remain limited, fans and collectors alike are eagerly awaiting further developments.

The Bruce Lee NFT is priced at 0.008 ETH, which is approximately $15. It is available for purchase through Shibuya’s platform. However, please note that the minting period for the NFT ends on Friday, and the future utility or potential of the NFT has not been disclosed.

The partnership between Shibuya and the Bruce Lee Estate marks the beginning of an ongoing Web3 collaboration. Although Shibuya has previously focused on creating original video series that involve NFT holders in the production process, it is unclear whether they plan to follow a similar model with Bruce Lee content. Further details about the collaboration are yet to be announced.

The “House of Lee: Genesis” NFT is an open edition Ethereum-based NFT created in collaboration between the Bruce Lee Estate and Shibuya, an NFT-driven video platform. The NFT features a hand-drawn artwork of Bruce Lee designed by Emily “pplpleasr” Yang and Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter.


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