Cool Cats Makes Major Announcements at Town Hall Event

Cool Cats NFT collection recently announced a series of significant updates during a highly anticipated Town Hall event. The company unveiled plans to collaborate with top game developers to launch three new games within the next year. 

Alongside the game launches, Cool Cats also revealed upgrades for the Cool Pets collection and shared important information regarding the discontinuation of active $MILK generation.

New Games on the Horizon

Cool Cats has struck strategic partnerships with leading game developers to bring three captivating games to life. These upcoming releases aim to immerse players worldwide in the fascinating storytelling universe of Cool Cats, solidifying the collection’s position as a prominent and beloved character brand.

Upgrades for the Cool Pets Collection

Fans can also anticipate a makeover for the Cool Pets collection. With fresh artwork, expanded character development, and clear future utility within the Cool Cats ecosystem, the new companions set to debut this summer will play integral roles in the forthcoming Cool Cats games, further enhancing their value and engagement.

Discontinuation of $MILK Generation

Cool Cats made a significant announcement regarding the active $MILK generation, which will be discontinued effective July 27, 2023. This decision marks a transition for the company, accompanied by a planned final $MILK burn event later in the summer. Participants in the burn event will have the opportunity to receive both physical and digital incentives, creating excitement among the community.

Cooltopia Items to Play Essential Roles in the Avatar System: 

Existing Cooltopia items, such as Pet Questing and Cat Gathering, are set to play essential roles in the upcoming avatar system. Fans will be able to continue enjoying the significance and engagement value of these items within the evolving Cool Cats universe. Detailed information about Cooltopia questing items and the highly anticipated $MILK burn event will be shared in the coming weeky.


Cool Cats has generated significant buzz within the NFT community with its recent announcements. The partnership with game developers, upgrades to the Cool Pets collection, and the discontinuation of active $MILK generation all contribute to the evolution and expansion of the Cool Cats brand. As the community eagerly awaits the forthcoming games and explores the enhanced Cool Pets collection, the future looks promising for Cool Cats enthusiasts.


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