Step into San FranTokyo: Weebox’s Immersive Anime Universe

Animoca Brands has unveiled its latest venture, Weebox, a brand dedicated to anime and manga collectibles. The launch of Weebox represents an exciting development in the world of digital collectibles, particularly within the realms of anime, manga, K-Pop, and J-Pop.

Building on Expertise and Connections

Weebox is spearheaded by its CEO, Daisuke Iwase, who brings a wealth of experience in developing NFTs and digital collectibles. With a strong background in the anime and manga industry, Iwase is well-positioned to lead Weebox to success.

One of Weebox’s key advantages lies in its extensive network and partnerships with renowned anime studios, manga publishers, figurine manufacturers, and other intellectual property entities in Japan. 

These connections enable Weebox to offer fans the best of the East, providing access to premium licensed anime digital collectibles and related virtual goods.

Empowering Users on the Ethereum Blockchain

Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, Weebox serves as a platform where users can buy, sell, and trade their favorite anime NFT collectibles. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Weebox ensures transparency, security, and authenticity in every transaction.

Through Weebox, fans can explore a wide range of licensed anime digital collectibles, including artwork, character figures, and more. With each digital item being tied to a unique token, users have complete ownership and control over their collectibles, creating a seamless and immersive collecting experience.

San FranTokyo: A Gateway to Immersive Storytelling

At the heart of Weebox’s long-term vision is the creation of San FranTokyo, a fictional cityscape that serves as a vibrant hub for storytelling, brand identities, and intellectual properties. San FranTokyo aims to provide a dynamic and engaging environment for fans to immerse themselves in their favorite anime and manga worlds.

Weebox’s upcoming Genesis Passes for San FranTokyo, set to mint in August 2023, offer early benefits and exclusive access to this unique digital realm. The minting process will be free, allowing interested individuals to apply and join the exciting world of San FranTokyo.

Embracing a New Era for Anime and Manga Collectibles

Weebox’s emergence marks a significant milestone for manga and anime enthusiasts, as it taps into the growing popularity of anime NFTs and leverages Web3 technology to enhance the collecting experience. By providing a platform where fans can discover, own, and engage with their favorite anime properties, Weebox aims to transform the anime and manga collectibles market.

In the coming months, anime and manga enthusiasts can look forward to exploring the vast offerings of Weebox, immersing themselves in San FranTokyo, and connecting with a passionate community of fellow fans. It is an exciting time for anime collectors, as Weebox paves the way for a new era of digital collectibles and immersive experiences.


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