Telescope Labs: Shaping Web3 Gaming via AI

Telescope Labs, a startup specializing in data analytics and AI-powered game economies, recently announced its leap into the Web3 gaming sector with a suite of cutting-edge solutions. This move follows a successful pre-seed funding round held in September, during which the company raised over $2 million from investors such as Griffin Gaming Partners and Kube VC. Based in London, Telescope Labs aims to leverage these funds to provide next-generation data analytics and predictive models, thus reshaping the virtual economies within Web3 gaming.

Cutting-Edge Solutions and Strategic Partnerships

Telescope Labs harnesses the power of machine learning and predictive models to enhance efficiency for its users. By utilizing its self-service API and integration SDKs, users can link their gaming data and facilitate comprehensive tracking and analysis across their game and the blockchain.

Among Telescope Labs’ innovative solutions are Market Intelligence and Data Analytic tools. These resources are designed to offer valuable insights and optimization opportunities to game developers and publishers, thus enabling them to sustain their virtual economies.

Source Telescope Labs

Telescope Labs’ drive for transformation continues beyond developing solutions. The company has also forged strategic partnerships with industry-leading game studios and initiatives, including Gamevolution, PlayEmber, Widow Games, and Pink Moon Studios. These alliances underscore Telescope Labs’ commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the rapidly evolving Web3 gaming space.

A Glimpse into the Future: The Evolution of Game Analytics

One of Telescope Labs’ standout developments is Vantage, a highly advanced economy specialized LLM chat solution. Equipped with a natural language query interface, Vantage facilitates seamless analysis, insight generation, and optimization of game economies. It fundamentally alters companies’ approach to data analysis and decision-making, unlocking the full potential of their game economies.

Semih Gilan, CEO and Co-founder of Telescope Labs, shared his excitement about their groundbreaking venture. He said, “We can’t wait to embark on this exciting journey together with our partners and clients. By unlocking the power of LLMs, we pioneer evolution on game analytics and empower developers to revolutionize the industry.”

Echoing this sentiment, Phil Sanderson, Managing Director & Co-founder of Griffin Gaming Partners, stressed the importance of understanding game economies for successful developers. He stated, “Just like real-world economies, in-game economies must be balanced: if the inflow and outflow of in-game resources aren’t carefully managed, it could lead to hyperinflation or deflation, disrupting the game experience and causing dissatisfaction among players, possibly leading to real-world economic consequences. A game economy management tool is badly needed to help developers analyze and use the on- and off-chain data points.”

Telescope Labs is positioned to drive significant change within the gaming world by demonstrating a commitment to excellence and industry collaboration. Hugo Furneaux, CEO of PlayEmber, added his endorsement, stating, “When deciding on partnerships, we look beyond the present and strive to find technologies that will already be simplifying what brands will need in 2-5 years.”


The company aims to enhance game economies and the user experience by harnessing AI and data analytics. Its partnerships with leading game studios and the release of its LLM chat solution, Vantage, underscore the commitment to innovation. As Web 3.0 continues to evolve, Telescope Labs is strategically positioned to shape its future, offering exciting prospects for the gaming industry and beyond.


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