MLB Enters the Web3 Arena: Magmic Unveils New Web3 Baseball Game

Magmic, a leading mobile gaming company, has announced their latest project at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco – an MLB Web3 game. This new game will focus on Major League Baseball (MLB), allowing players to build and manage their own baseball stadium while incorporating licenses from both MLB and the MLB Players Association.

A New Gaming Experience

The upcoming game, currently untitled, is described as an “idle tycoon” game. It will give players the opportunity to construct and enhance their MLB ballparks, as well as trade players. However, specific gameplay details have not yet been disclosed.

Established in 2002, Magmic has made a name for themselves as a top mobile game developer. They gained initial fame with the Texas Hold ‘Em King franchise for Blackberry and have since amassed over 250 million downloads with a player base in the millions.

A History of Success

Magmic has also developed games based on popular intellectual properties (IP), including a ChatGPT-powered mobile version of Hasbro’s Scattergories and a real-money rummy game licensed by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

With this new MLB-licensed game, Magmic aims to provide a full gaming experience for players in both Web3 and Web2 formats. This means that users will be able to enjoy the game on their mobile devices or browsers without needing Web3’s monetized and asset-based features. Players will also have the ability to trade digital assets, such as ballplayers.

The Future of Gaming

The MLB Web3 game is not just about providing an enjoyable gaming experience for sports fans and gamers. Magmic also aims to utilize Web3 technology to allow players to engage in a player-to-player marketplace and own in-game players. This means that instead of simply playing with virtual characters, players can own them and potentially profit from their value in the game.

This integration of Web3 technology and gaming is an exciting step towards the future of gaming. It not only adds a new layer of ownership and investment to the gaming experience but also opens up opportunities for players to connect with others in a player-to-player marketplace.


Magmic’s announcement of their MLB Web3 game is a promising development for both the gaming and Web3 industries. With their history of successful game releases and incorporation of popular IP licenses, it’s safe to say that this new project will be an exciting addition to their portfolio. As we move towards a more digital age, this integration of Web3 technology in gaming showcases the potential for innovation and growth in both industries. 


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