Second Life’s New Rhythm: The Motown Collaboration

Second Life, the massive metaverse from Linden Lab, has declared a partnership with the legendary Motown Records and STYNGR, a platform that successfully interlinks the worlds of music and gaming. This partnership signals a new era of music experiences on the Second Life platform. Second Life’s rich virtual landscape, home to in-world appearances by both classic and contemporary Motown artists, will be their stomping ground.

The Advent of an Interactive Music Venue

In this collaboration, Second Life becomes the host of an immersive music venue designed explicitly for Motown Records. This venture will create a platform for top classic and contemporary Motown artists to appear in-world. This venue, adorned with interactive experiences, will give life to the celebrated Motown sound and its residents the chance to affix Motown Records music snippets to their avatars, courtesy of Styngs.

Source Second Life

Furthermore, a dedicated Motown Records radio station, curated jointly by Motown and STYNGR, will soon come alive within Second Life. A series of events featuring Motown artists will roll out throughout 2023, keeping the immersive music experience ever-fresh and engaging.

The Impact of Second Life and Motown Records

Since 2003, Second Life has been home to millions of metaverse users around the globe, amassing nearly two billion user creations and an impressive $650 million economy.

Brad Oberwager, Executive Chairman of Linden Lab, reaffirms, “Our goal in seeking partnerships and opportunities to collaborate is to improve, enhance, and enrich the in-world experiences of Second Life residents.”

On the music front, Motown Records has held an important place in the world of soul music, R&B, and pop since its inception in Detroit in 1959. Known for its unique “Motown Sound,” Motown Records, through the medium of this partnership, is dipping its toes into immersive digital experiences for the first time.

Alex Williams, VP of Gaming Strategy and Business Development at Motown Records, acknowledges, “Motown Records has always been at the forefront of culture and innovation, expanding the perceptions of what is to what could be.”

STYNGR’s licensing, technology, and platform are pivotal in enabling this partnership by importing curated music from major and indie labels.

Final Thoughts

As this collaboration unfolds, it promises a new way to experience the music of Motown Records, offering not just a platform for music lovers but also a community to celebrate the love for music. With Second Life paving the way, this partnership offers an extraordinary opportunity to experience the music of Motown Records in a new light.


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