East Beats West when it Comes to Interest in Metaverse and Web3

It appears like the East and Africa are more interested in the metaverse and web3 applications, as interest from the region is far more positive than that in the west.

A recent analysis by crypto data platform, CoinKickoff, found that opinions towards the metaverse vary greatly across the world. Using data from 1.6 million tweets, the study identified the countries that love and hate the metaverse.

Vietnam emerged with the most love for the concept, with 56.8% of tweets coming from the Southeast Asian nation positive. Other countries in the region also showed support for the metaverse and Web3, including the Philippines and Indonesia.

It’s not only East Asia that’s showing love towards the metaverse, as Africa and Eastern Europe are generally positive, with Nigeria and Ukraine both leading the way in their respective regions.

With interest in the metaverse and web3 booming in East Asia and Africa, it’s apparent that societies in the west aren’t as positive.

Ireland tops the list of countries with the least positive sentiment towards the idea of web3, as 14.4% of metaverse-related tweets from the Emerald Isle were negative. Other Western countries with significant opposition to the metaverse include Denmark, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada.

Western Adoption of Web3 Goes Against the Negative Sentiment

Despite negative sentiment from the general public, the use cases for the metaverse continue to expand, however, especially in the West.

Finnish telecom giant Nokia, has entered the metaverse by connecting remote beer breweries and aircraft technicians in Australia and Germany, and utilizing 5G as a way to enhance and improve shared ideas.

A spokesperson for Nokia did say the Industrial metaverse would take off much faster than consumer metaverse, but does expect it to catch up towards the end of the decade.

Additionally, the world-famous Woodstock music festival is using the metaverse to reinvent its future and preserve its legacy. Jennifer Roberts, a partner at Woodstock Ventures, sees the metaverse as a democratizing experience and a place where people can celebrate their beliefs.

If that’s not enough to convince the west, NFT platform Sorare recently signed a deal with the world’s biggest competition, the Premier League. This is in addition to its existing deal with other leading European leagues in Italy, Spain, France and Germany, as well as deals with the MLS, NBA and MLB in America.


With sentiment apparently more positive in Asia and Africa compared with western Europe and America, you might think the metaverse and Web3 are something of a nonentity.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and recent developments demonstrate the growing potential for the metaverse as a tool for connection and innovation, in the West and East.


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