Satoshi Master of Disguise: Blockchain Comic Based on the Bitcoin Creator

Blockchain Comics, a decentralized comic publisher, announced they’re finally releasing their long-awaited Satoshi: Master of Disguise on July 14th on the IMX blockchain. 

Blockchain technology has endless possibilities in publishing and NFTs have been the rage for the past two years. Publishers are experimenting with blockchain technology to release their comics.

Satoshi Master of Disguise is the first release of Blockchain comics. It will arrive on the Immutable X (IMX) marketplace this Thursday. The company behind it announced a limited presale, as they plan on minting 10,000 SMoD NFTs.

What is Satoshi Master of Disguise?

While there have been other NFT comics before, Satoshi Master of Disguise (SMoD) is the first one where the story changes based on the features of your NFT.

The journey will begin on July 14th, 2022, when Blockchain Comics will launch a limited presale. Early investors will gain access to SMoD NFTs and be recognized as the community’s founding members.

After the presale is over, Blockchain Comics will also release 10,000 NFTs for sale to the general public. That will mark the first phase of what the project calls “Decentralized Publishing.”

What is Decentralized Publishing?

While this is not the first time comics and NFTs crossed paths, this type of publishing is a brand new concept in the Non-Fungible Token world.

So far, NFTs have been used for digital art or as in-game items. However, through the Blockchain Comics Portal, creators now can mint, publish, and distribute their series.

Each NFT represents a different disguise. The NFT holders can use their NFTs and the portal to generate unique storylines, arcs, and events using the characters they own.

In Blockchain Comics first series, Satoshi, the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, is a hero on the run, trying to escape the evil centralized authorities.

In addition to all of the Satoshi disguises, there are even more characters lurking in the background of the comic, trying to attack the person who popularized the decentralized technology.

Wait, What is Blockchain Publishing, and How It Works?

Blockchain Comics started as a simple comic book idea. The creators wanted to make a decentralized comic book that would parody the invention of Blockchain technology.

However, the creators soon realized that to do the idea justice, they needed to innovate. They needed to create a new distribution system that could only exist in the NFT space.

They used a new, multi-layer minting system, which enables five levels of rarity, combined with six different features. All of that allows for 15,000 different possible combinations.

Ghost, Incognito, Nameless, Mysterious, and Undercover are the five rarity levels. In addition, the token holders can combine these rarity levels with the following six features: Head, Mouth, Eyes, Body, Location, and Sky.

Make Sure to Check Out Satoshi Master of Disguise!

Although Blockchain has faced some difficulties in recent times, that’s why Blockchain Comics have created “a hero for Web3” whose there to remind us all of the true power and potential of Blockchain technology.

And if you want to stay updated on SMoD-related news, you can follow the creators on Twitter, check out the official website, or join the Discord community. You can do all three if you want, of course!


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