Satoshi Master of Disguise (SMoD) launches in Limited Presale on Immutable X (IMX) Marketplace

Satoshi Master of Disguise (SMoD), the first installment from Blockchain Comics, has launched on the Immutable X (IMX) Marketplace in a limited presale of 200 SMoD NFTs.

Those eager to get their hands on a SMoD avatar, and be a founding member of the SMoD community, can purchase a SMoD NFT for 0.12 ETH.

While sales last, you can go to the The IMX Marketplace and choose your SMoD NFT in one of five different rarities: Undercover, Mysterious, Incognito, Nameless, and Ghost.

In the character of SMoD, Blockchain Comics are delivering a new hero to the NFT comic space, and for the blockchain.

Furthermore, the project offers unprecedented utility with its multi-layer minting technology on Ethereum’s Layer 2 solution, IMX.

This constitutes minting 5 different layers of rarity upon 6 different SMoD features, which means that each SMoD holder will own a truly unique edition of the comic.

Additionally, Blockchain Comics are starting a brand new chapter in NFT comic book history, which they have coined ‘Decentralized Publishing’.

Co-founder and Project Manager Digital DelBoy said: “We are excited to be at the forefront of the Decentralized Publishing revolution on IMX. SMoD holders will not just possess the IP rights of their NFTs, they will also hold the tools to monetize and distribute those rights through the Blockchain Comics Portal.”

Hence, Decentralized Publishing empowers SMoD NFT holders to monetize their SMoD comic series.

Moreover, Blockchain Comics have been bullish about the scalability of SMoD NFTs, which they say is maximized through the technology they’re using.

As further editions emerge down the line, and the rarity algorithm works its magic, each SMoD holder will have the opportunity to possess an extremely rare comic series.

Indeed, this personalized comic series for each SMoD holder will be starring their own SMoD avatar as the hero.

Armed with the IP rights to their own comic series, SMoD holders will have the option of minting, publishing, and distributing their comic via the Blockchain Comics Portal.

Finally, Blockchain Comics revealed that the rules and regulations of play in Decentralized Publishing will be decided by the SMoD community.

Thus, to get your hands on one of the first 200 SMoD NFTs in existence, visit the Immutable X Marketplace now.

For more information about the project, visit their website, Twitter and Discord channel.


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