Blockchain Comics Announces Limited Presale for ‘Satoshi Master of Disguise’

Satoshi Master of Disguise (SMoD), the first installment of Blockchain Comics, will arrive on the IMX Marketplace on Thursday, July 14th 2022.

Blockchain Comics have announced a limited presale as they prepare to mint 10,000 SMoD NFTs.

Holders can gain early access to a SMoD NFT and be a one of the founding SMoD community members. 

The launch of the SMoD NFT collection marks the first phase of ‘Decentralized Publishing’.

Decentralized Publishing is a new concept for the NFT space, which places the distribution power into the hands of NFT holders. 

Through the Blockchain Comics Portal, creators can mint, publish and distribute their own, unique comic series.

Blockchain Comics are hailing Satoshi’s arrival as a new era in the history of NFTs.

Co-founder and Creative Developer ‘PaulPaul’ said: “We started with the idea of a comic book being created on the blockchain, which could be a parody of the invention of blockchain technology. We soon realized that to do this justice, we would need to innovate technology to create a distribution system that could only exist in the NFT space.”

Furthermore, Blockchain Comics will utilize their new rarity algorithm to integrate ‘multi-layer minting’ technology. 

Essentially, multi-layer minting enables 5 levels of rarity to combine with six different features, allowing for over 15,000 possible combinations.

Utilizing this technology, Blockchain Comics are able to maximize the utility and scalability of SMoD NFTs.

As a result, SMoD NFT holders can dictate the scarcity of their comic book series. As more characters are introduced in the series, extremely rare comic books can be spawned, which gives the project longevity.

Indeed, as new characters emerge, new variations of the comic will manifest in elements like the artwork and dialogue.

Moving forward in the project, the power of Decentralized Publishing will be in the hands of the community. 

Blockchain Comics said that their ambitious plans will only be achieved by empowering the community with a vote.

PaulPaul added: “The community is key. By making SMoD holders our sole distributors and giving them a vote on the parameters of our portal, we are putting them at the heart of this project.”

Hence, Blockchain Comics will kick off their NFT comic book series with Satoshi Master of Disguise as the main character, with more characters to follow in due course.

Co-founder and Project Manager ‘Digital Del Boy’ said: “It’s no secret that the blockchain has faced troubled times lately. We’ve created a hero for Web3, who reminds us

of the true power of the blockchain. It seemed obvious to start the series with Satoshi.”

Look out for announcements on the Blockchain Comics Twitter and Discord as the countdown to the presale launch on IMX begins.




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