Blockchain Comics Unveils A New Dawn In NFT Comics

The notion of NFT (non-fungible token) comic books is not new. A few exist, taking images of comics and making them NFTs. Up until now, the intersection of comics and NFTs has been a rudimentary one. But that’s about to change.

Blockchain Comics, an up-in-coming player in the novel yet already pulsing world of NFT comics, has just launched its first release entitled, “Satoshi Master of Disguise (SMoD).” This interactive comic book series will be the first of its kind indeed. The company announced the project via Medium on July 11.

Before, to make a comic book using NFTs, you would have to mint a single layer image as an NFT then combine multiple layers and mint them as a single image. With Ethereum charging about $50 to mint a single image, costs for doing it this way quickly add up.  

This innovative series will use a new layer 2 blockchain called ImmutableX (IMX), allowing Blockchain Comics to create utility by applying multiple overlays of rarity to each NFT. Your features will be divided into five levels: Undercover, Mysterious, Incognito, Nameless, and Ghost.

These factors combine to determine the scarcity of your comic series. There are more than 15,000 possible combinations, so it is almost certain your comic book will be one-of-a-kind, with the spotlight on your Satoshi. Each user will experience unique images, plots, and dialogues.

As with most comic book heroes, Satoshi has a plethora of enemies and will need assistance to defeat them. More characters are set to join the fray, and as they do, rare comics will result, with variations on dialogue and artwork. Utilizing multi-layer minting to spawn these new cast members has created a new breed of comics.  

IMX is GAS-free, so Blockchain Comics can mint multiple layers of images separately and give each layer a use case. GAS is the fee required to successfully conduct a transaction or execute a contract on Ethereum.

Another first the comic book creator will introduce is ‘decentralized publishing.’ By holding an NFT, you’ll receive a new episode every few months and have the option of monetizing it through Blockchain Comics’ site by selling physical or digitized copies as NFTs.

The comic’s creators and users will form an unprecedented team to determine to future of the project. SMoD holders will be able to cast their vote on what the framework of decentralized publishing will look like. Not only will you be able to voice your opinion by voting on the direction of the series, but you can also give your two cents in the form of ideas and suggestions. Suggestions will then be taken before the community and voted on.

The Blockchain Comics portal is the home of Decentralized Publishing where the utility for Blockchain Comics is housed. As a SMoD holder, you’ll have sole publishing and monetizing rights. You can mint, print, and distribute your unique comics as physical copies or NFTs as you see fit.  

The series will be on limited presale on July 14th on the Immutable Marketplace before the main launch in a few weeks.


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