The Prodigy Artist Maxim to Launch 888 ‘Lepidopterror’ Butterflies as NFTs on

Contemporary British artist Maxim (MM), founding member of the iconic band The Prodigy, has announced his first solo NFT collection, in collaboration with Web3 studio Snowcrash.

On Wednesday July 27th, the Lepidopterror collection will be unveiled on, featuring 888 still images of four weaponized butterflies. 

In this collection, butterflies are reimagined as powerful creatures with skulls and deadly weapons.

The four categories of butterfly are: ‘Citizens’, ‘Worker Butterflies’, ‘Warrior Butterflies’ and ‘Royal Butterflies’. 

In total, there will be 50 Royal Butterflies, 50 Warrior Butterflies, 50 Worker Butterflies and the remaining 738 butterflies will be Citizens. 

As part of Maxim’s intriguing narrative, all categories belong to the eldest family of butterflies, the Lepidopterrors, and have their role to play in defending the magical Golden Pollen from the Clown Wasps.

Co-founder of Snowcrash Jesse Dylan said: “Maxim is an extraordinary musician and fine artist from the fury of the Prodigy to now these incredible weapon-wielding butterflies.”

“ is an acknowledged leader in the Web3 space and we are thrilled to collaborate on this.”

The Lepidopterror butterflies were first conceptualized by Maxim in 2009. He recalled a childhood memory of an advertisement that showed a young girl running through a cornfield, waving a net as she tried to catch an elegant butterfly. 

His subsequent thoughts led him to arm the butterflies in his art, giving them the ability and strength to defend themselves. 

Maxim’s imagination spawned a butterfly rebellion, as depicted in his Lepidopterror art collection.  

Now, Maxim is taking his concept into the metaverse and creating NFTs, which he sees as the natural progression for his collection.

“I am very excited about my upcoming Lepidopterror NFT Drop,” said MAXIM. “I previously released NFTs as a collaboration with two other artist friends, but this is my first solo NFT drop and I can’t wait for it to be released. I am thrilled to be working with the Snowcrash team as we have forged a great partnership.”

Launched on March 2, 2022, Snowcrash is a new Web3 studio that empowers artists, publishers, and brands to build community, value, and ownership with NFTs in the Web3 ecosystem. 

It includes a digital creative studio, marketing services, a curated exchange platform, licensing / IP management, and Web3 engineering capabilities. 

Snowcrash has also revealed that there are major NFT collaborations in the works with Bob Dylan and Miles Davis to be announced later in 2022. continues its surge in the NFT space, having worked with an illustrious list of high-profile creators, celebrities and brands from the worlds of art, design, entertainment, sports and fashion.

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