Ashfall: New NFT-Themed Game from Team of PlayStation Vets at Liithos

PlayStation veterans John Garvin and Michael Mumbauer have decided to collaborate on laying the foundation of Liithos, a new entertainment, and gaming company. The focus is to create a new line of NFT games supported on consoles, PC, and Web 3.

Liithos’ Ashfall and New Role and Responsibilities of Mumbauer and Garvin

Liithos will begin their new venture with the game Ashfall and will use the Hedera blockchain network. It is the first of kind AAA Web3 game for console and PC. Furthermore, the Hedera network uses energy-efficient and native cryptocurrencies like HBAR. 

It is crucial to remember that Mumbauer, CEO of Liithos, has had more than a decade of experience as a Visual Arts Head at PlayStation.

Additionally, Mumbauer has had the chance to work on major titles like The Last of Us and Uncharted. After that, he served as the CEO and co-founder of “That’s No Moon”. 

On the other hand, John Garvin has had the experience of serving as a writer and a director at Days Gone studio. It looks like Garvin is a perfect fit to serve as a VP of the creative side at Liithos. Garvin will become a director and writer on Liithos new NFT-based game project.

Gameplay and Storyline of Ashfall

In terms of gameplay and storyline, players in Ashfall fight to survive a scarred and damaged world caused by global warming effects. In Ashfall, one of the effects of global warming includes disruptive and dangerous energy fields, warring enclaves, and a volcanic ring of fire. Ashfall starts out as a single-player and then transitions into a multi-player cinematic game. Players can utilize the Hedera network to scavenge and discover smooth trading, building, and selling experience.

As the story of Ashfall starts to unfold, Liithos has managed to secure partnerships with renowned artists, influencers, and comic book creators. But the story will begin with John Garvin as a digital comic book writer and feature cover art from DC Comics and Worldstorm’s Brett Booth.

The Beginning of Next-Gen Games is Here!

In an official statement, Garvin states that the goal of the new studio is to create next-gen games, focus on impressive world-building experiences, and use advanced technologies to improve the in-game experience. And most importantly, Garvin highlights, that the main objective for the company is to create attractive characters with captivating stories that can fit into the gameplay seamlessly and help gamers explore different aspects of the game.

Ashfall and the Role of Web3

According to Mumbauer, Web 3 will play an integral role in building Ashfall. Now, to create interconnected worlds, Mumbauer highlights that there is already a lot of passion and commitment within the company. But in a general sense, Mumbauer notes that there is usually misunderstanding around blockchain and NFT-powered gaming and what it means for today’s gamers.

Liithos and Role of Blockchain

Mumbauer sees blockchain as a foundational building block to create the next-gen of video games in the coming years. Mumbauer also mentions that the new company inherently wants to create a deeper and more engaging user experience within Ashfall that gives it an edge over contemporary games. In 2022, we are witnessing a dynamic shift among gamers, and Mumbauer wants to make the most out of it through Ashfall.


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