HexRoast: A New Esports NFT Game

HexRoast has hailed itself as the new generation of P2E games. 

The Esports action game, currently under development, believes it has cracked the formula to give players the best of both worlds – thrilling gameplay and financial rewards. 

Thus far, via its Telegram channel, HexRoast has conducted an airdrop to its community and revealed a few tantalising videos showcasing its gameplay. 

Moreover, two game modes have been announced, which are: ‘Team Deathmatch Mode’ and ‘Battle Royale Mode’. 

Team Deathmatch mode will be available immediately following the release of the game, while Battle Royale mode will follow thereafter. The game’s release date is not yet known, but the developers have assured their community that there’s plenty of exciting updates to follow.

The game’s intriguing plot takes place in the Keodian Empire, with an emerging group of students versed in the magical arts, who honed their craft in the Academy of Magic. The game’s high-octane battles will be fought using magic spells and wizardry as revealed in the video teasers. 

Firstly, winning can’t be bought with NFTs in HexRoast. Historically in the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming experience, purchasing NFTs is essential to advancing successfully in the game. Conversely, in HexRoast, your NFTs don’t help you win battles.

Instead, your purchased NFTs will increase the ‘Game Chest’, and fights will be won by tactical decisions, which HexRoast explained in its first Medium article. 

“In order to win, the player will have to use all the features of the gameplay and competently use the six available spells based on the situation on the battlefield. They will need to monitor the economy of the match and purchase appropriate game items suitable for certain game situations, as implemented in standard MOBA games. Players will need to use the features of the game arena, its shelters and elevations and coordinate their actions with teammates.”

Indeed, only the winner earns in HexRoast and they’ve designed a new system to ensure that the P2E economy thrives, namely ‘The Oracle System’. 

This system, which is being hailed as revolutionary, was designed with a number of measures to ensure that the project’s coin exchange rate remains stable. 

The system adjusts the price of in-game chests and slots depending on the coin rate on the exchange. Although the price of in-game chests and characters in USD remains the same, all in-game purchases are made with the game’s coin, whose value changes. Hence, here’s how the mechanics work: 

When the coin rate decreases — players need more coins to buy an in-game collectible.

When the coin rate increases — players need fewer coins to buy an in-game collectible.

The Oracle System ensures that when the exchange rate of the coin falls, the value of the game chests increases. By contrast, when the exchange rate grows, the chest falls accordingly.

In addition to this, the game will have a commission for withdrawing coins to the wallet, decreasing from 50% to 0% in 40 days.

In essence, this system aims to add maximum longevity to the game and its economy. 

In this respect, HexRoast aims to succeed where others have failed and all the game’s detailed ‘tokenomics’ are outlined in its Whitepaper.

Stay tuned for more about this intriguing new Esports NFT game. 


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