Blankos Block Party Will be Available on Epic Games Store

Blankos Block Party, an NFT-based Mac and PC game, will now become available on Epic Games Store. Most recently, Mythical Games, the game’s publisher also released dedicated play-to-earn game titles. As of now, it is collaborating with the NFT for a new NFT-based game. 

Popularity of Blankos Block Party Game

In a short time, Blankos Block Party has already managed to impress over one million users. And before the release on Epic Games Store, there is more excitement among users than ever. The publisher of the game hints that Blankos Block Party is heading in the right direction and will be able to garner more attention from existing and new players.

What Can You Expect After the Launch?

As an NFT creation game, Blankos Block Party expects to attract more players. Once the successful launch of the Blankos Block Party is finalized on Epic Game Stores, you can expect to see more players.

During NFT NYC, the publisher of the game made this announcement. On the flip side, Mythical Games has not yet finalized the launch timeline for the game on Epic Games Stores. In similar news, another publisher like Gala Games claims that wild West-based shooter “GRIT” will become the first major NFT-based game released on the Epic Game Store by the end of 2022. 

Central Role of Epic Games Store

When it comes to Mac and PC games, the Epic Game Store comes across as the most reliable platform. As of 2021, Epic Games Store recorded more than 194 million users on its platform. It is vital to understand that Epic Games is the publisher of major hits like Fortnite. Plus, it is also the creator of renowned and recognized Unreal Engine. Right now, Epic Games continues to lean towards blockchain-based games that can rival a major marketplace like Steam.

Result of Continuous Efforts

Mythical Games CEO John Linden highlights that there has been continuous back and forth communication with Epic Games and now it is high time to bring NFT-powered games into the fold. The official word from the CEO of Mythical Games is that this step is the direct result of continuous engagement with Epic Stores about NFT-powered gaming.

Today, Epic Games does not share the olds school skepticism around NFT-based gaming. Plus, the success story of Axie Infinity in the NFT gaming landscape has managed to pave the way for more opportunities. At the moment, it looks like the publisher of the Blankos Block Party wants to focus on releasing the safest and highly intuitive NFT game on the Epic Games Store.

Gameplay of Blankos Block Party

In terms of gameplay, the studio highlights that it wants to switch from a token-based reward system and render a more fun and exciting user experience. Epic Games is also excited to have Blankos Block Party on its store and hopes the NFT game offers a unique and first-of-its-kind gaming experience.

It is crucial to understand that Mythical has managed to build a bridge on its platform with Ethereum in order to lead the charge in the NFT-powered gaming space. Players can rest assured that the available version of the game on the Epic Games Store will be similar to the current version.


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