NFT.NYC to Deliver a Dose of Much-Needed NFT Community

Community-driven events can be transformative, shape-shifting experiences. When like-minded, artistic souls and entrepreneurs, alternative thinkers, and counter cultures unite, you have a recipe for something seminal. 

Then, you need a fitting location. What better place to represent emerging technological, artistic innovation than Times Square, New York City? 

By all accounts, NFT.NYC 2021 was a defining event in the industry’s short history. Indeed, the event has been likened to some of the all-time greats. Coinbase called it “the Super Bowl for NFTs”, New York Times likened it to “Woodstock” and Ledger labeled the event “the new CES for NFTs”. 

Thus, NFT.NYC is already making a name for itself and it is set to continue the trend this year, in its 4th installment.

Last year’s event sold out with 5,600 participants and over 3,000 on the waiting list. Since then, the industry has been on a rollercoaster of extreme highs and lows and NFT.NYC 2022 couldn’t be more timely. The event will create a sense of unity and purpose, recalibrating the NFT community in ways that can’t be achieved online. 

In just a matter of hours, from June 20-23, the NFT community will converge at Times Square, New York City for the most coveted event in the calendar for NFT enthusiasts.

Upon the billboards of Times Square and Marriot Marquis Atrium, the original artwork of 221 digital artists from 17 countries worldwide will be displayed as part of “The Diversity of NFTs Art Collection.”

Across 7 locations, including the iconic Radio City Music Hall, developers, entrepreneurs, gamers, artists, investors, collectors, and passionate enthusiasts will form as one, strong movement.

Parties, both public and private, hosted by thriving NFT brands, will light up the city in their various forms. 

Some eye-catching additions to this year’s ‘Satellite Events’ schedule include ‘Ape Fest’ by BAYC and ‘Mint Block Party’ at Live Rocket Studios. Expect cutting-edge live performances and community connection to reign supreme, with each brand’s artistic imprint on full display.

Another stand-out Satellite Event is ‘Hijack: Emergency Rave Protocol’, which “fuses tactual high art with high-fi audio, lighting, and experiential theatre to provide a human antidote to a week of digital fatigue.” 

The location for this bespoke rave is yet to be announced, but we know the line-up includes UK club pioneer Paul Woolford amongst other notable names. The words “human antidote” perfectly encapsulate events of this magnitude and the role they play in society, and community. 

These spaces, each with their own, immersive environment, will host epoch-defining moments. A sentiment that can’t be put into words, will flow effortlessly through the thousands in attendance. 

It’s the indescribable feeling you get when, at that moment in time, you’re in the right place and with the right people. You’re aware that around you, something special is happening and you’re a part of it.

We gain inspiration, connection, and unspeakable joy from events like these and the role of this year’s NFT.NYC event can’t be underestimated. 

To make events like this work, the organisers need to put the community first and co-founders Jodee Rich and Cameron Bale have always done exactly that. 

They attract the top projects in the NFT ecosystem and welcome the industry’s major figureheads to the stage.

Last year, industry powerhouses like Gary Vaynerchuk and William Quigley spoke about NFT technology and its potential. This year, over 1500 speakers will take to the stage including Immutable X co-founder and CTO, Robbie Ferguson. 

Furthermore, on June 21st, a multitude of awards will be handed out in categories like ‘Best Blockchain for NFTs’ (Polygon last year), ‘Best NFT Collectible’ (Bored Ape Yacht Club last year), and ‘Most Innovative NFT Project’ (Vee Friends last year).

Almost 20,000 have voted for this year’s awards and it will be interesting to see all the emerging giants in the space getting the recognition they deserve. 

However, perhaps the most intriguing element of this year’s event is NFT.NYC’s new concept, “Unconference”. As part of Unconference, for the first time, two open stages will welcome over 1,000 NFT community members, who are invited to register and speak at the event. 

No slides, no sales pitch, just talk. Each speaker may hold the stage for ten minutes and, if they like, invite two of their friends on stage. This encapsulates what is a truly community-driven event and is a testament to its founders, who remain focused on what matters most to the industry – its people.

Co-founder Jodee Rich told CoinTelegraph in an interview: “Our thing is about giving the community a voice. That’s what we wanted to do since the beginning. We’re not an event that goes hunting for celebrities — we want the community to feel that this is a place where they can be on stage and talk to the rest of the community.”

Additional to the Radio City Music Hall, 6 more venues to host NFT.NYC will be: New York Marriott Marquis, Palladium Times Square, The Edison Ballroom, The Edison Rooftop, The Town Hall, and Margaritaville Resort Times Square.

NFT.NYC’s programming at Radio City will be hosted by leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, sponsored by influential payment protocol Ripple.

Coinbase said: “NFT.NYC brings together the diverse, global NFT community of creators, developers, companies, projects, and educators for an inspirational exchange of ideas. We are thrilled to present NFT.NYC”.

David Schwartz, CTO at Ripple, added: “After a positive experience participating at NFT.NYC 2021, Ripple is excited to continue our partnership in 2022 as a Platinum Stage Sponsor. We look forward to further showcasing the long-term utility and benefits possible for NFTs with the XRP Ledger.” 

With over 300 sponsors, this year’s NFT.NYC is a gigantic, collaborative effort and will no doubt echo through the ages. 

If you’re anywhere near New York, NFT.NYC 2022 tickets can still be purchased via credit card or cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, last-minute tickets can still be purchased through their website. 

It’s been a turbulent spell for NFT enthusiasts and I expect the community to respond with a resolute sense of togetherness, purpose, and commitment to the technology.


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