Ledger Rolls Out NFT Marketplace

Ledger has successfully launched a dedicated NFT marketplace service for enterprises. The crypto hardware company is famous for its specialized wallets. With this initiative, Ledger wants to make creating, buying, and selling more secure and safer for its users.

More Focus on Web3 Services and NFT Marketplace 

At NFT.NYC, Ledger, the security and crypto hardware entity, confirmed that it will roll out Web3 services as well as a NFT marketplace for enterprises. In addition, Ledger also plans to launch a new suite of products to raise awareness and educate users on Web3 security. 

After a series of announcements and the company’s direct initiatives, it has become clear that the Ledger marketplace will continue to prioritize transparency and security. In fact, Pascal Gauthier, the CEO of Ledger, iterates that the clear-signing process that allows NFT traders to prevent potential scams has been lost. Ledger’s CEO also highlights that security issues continue to haunt NFT marketplaces. The good news is that Web3 innovation is accelerating at a faster pace and Ledger wants to use it to enhance the security, transparency, and safety of users. 

Partnerships with Major NFT Collections and Brands

What’s more is that Ledger has also decided to partner with famous brands like DeadFellaz NFT collection, Brick and Babylon, and LVMH’s Tag Heuer. With the rollout of a new Ledger Enterprise Create, users will be able to use the platform to secure and scale up their Web3-based projects. 

Ledger Wants to Improve Security around NFTs

The focus of these initiatives is to address the lack of security and transparency within the technology. Furthermore, the company hopes that its “Ledger Enterprise Create” will help creators and brands to gain complete control and improve their overall NFT experience.

On a global scale, Ledger has over 2 million active users on daily basis. In fact, more than 20% of Ledger’s assets are secured by its technology.

Since its launch in 2014, it would be fair to state that Ledger has become a long way. On a global scale, Ledger has over 2 million active users on daily basis. In fact, more than 20% of Ledger’s assets are secured by its technology.

Other Initiatives from Ledger

Remember that back in May, the company also managed to launch “Ledger Connect”, which is a hardware-based wallet for users who want to connect to specific Web3 applications. But before Ledger fully dives into the Web3 space, it wants to raise more awareness and help users understand the related technologies and their use cases. In fact, this was the sole purpose for the company to roll out Ledger Quest, which was an LTE Web3 game that rendered NFT rewards.

Ledger Academy was also put in place so that users can expand their understanding of NFTs, Web3, and blockchain technology. With a new NFT marketplace, Ledger has also announced Pro Team celebrities that include Deadfellaz, Mike Shinoda, Bobby Hundreds, and Dan Held. These Pro Team celebrities will act as ambassadors of the Ledger and educate expanding communities around Web3.

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