San Francisco Now Has Its First NFT-based Restaurant

You can now go to SHO Club NFT restaurant in San Francisco which offers a $300,000 club membership. The team behind the project recently announced more details about membership tiers and how they would work.

Highly Ambitious Project

SHO Club is a San Francisco NFT restaurant and club with membership coming in three tiers; Water, Earth, and Fire.  

If you’re aware of the declining trajectory of cryptocurrencies, you understand that a volatile market creates ups and downs in value.

Potential club members have the option to purchase a membership of the SHO club with US dollars. You can still get proof of ownership as an NFTminted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Adoption of NFTs 

Josh Sigel, CEO of SHO Group highlights that it focuses more on underlying tech measures like the adoption of NFT than solely prioritizing currency-based transactions. The goal of Sigel is to create a perfect balance of tech and food in their NFT-powered project.

Sigel also concurs that the security parameters around NFT and blockchain-based solutions are ideal for securing membership. And unlike physical cards, there is significantly less risk of fraud and scams on NFT-based transactions and memberships.  

SHŌ terrace exterior rendering.
SHŌ terrace exterior SHŌ GROUP

Membership and Dining Perks

Sigel understands that innovative and advanced tech has become the focal point for the company and now wants to change its priorities to drive more growth in the future. Additional perks for membership holders will also include AirDrop, exclusive ticket events, and much more. Sigel points out that this is a long-term approach for their club and restaurant to expand and grow operations in the foreseeable future. 

At its core, the SHO club membership comes with more than just concierge service – it allows members to get access to early reservations and avail house accounts. Club members will also get a reserved lounge and menu for members. Club membership also offers educational programs and online event tickets. The current benchmark of the company is to mint 2,678 Earth-tier SHO memberships. However, Sigel confirms that are no clear plans to add more memberships after hitting the initial threshold.

As far as food goes, chef Shotaro Kamio or “Sho” will be responsible for two unique dining experiences for the general public and members. The restaurant can make instant reservations at the rooftop bar as well as the dining restaurant. When it comes to the main floor, the restaurant uses 12 by 3 foot long sunken irori-based charcoal grills to serve through the best cooking equipment.

In the restaurant, the objective of the chef is to introduce a more fine dining experience under the banner of Japanese farmhouse and specialized cooking. In fact, the chef wants to build rich and umami flavors via aged meats and fish paired with natural, smoky, and savory flavors. 

More Hospitality and Recognition in San Francisco 

In line with casual diners, the restaurant will also offer a custom sake selection. According to Sigel, the pre-sales of club membership would start in August. With NFT-based restaurant, Sigel highlights that it wants to increase the level of hospitality and create more recognition in the SF community.


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