Ledger debuts crypto hardware wallet with NFT support

Ledger recently launched its hardware crypto wallet with upgraded crypto support, and since its pre-launch, it has sold over 10,000 units

Ledger is here for you

On Tuesday, April 5, Ledger shared the latest version of its crypto hardware wallet, named Ledger Nano S Plus and the list of features is impressive, to say the least. With this new Ledger wallet, the company has added functionalities that help prioritize the needs of NFT collectors.

Speaking more on the new wallet, Ledger shared that the new hardware wallet supports clear signing through the company’s web app. This functionality is essential because it offers a greater level of security to NFT collectors when signing transactions.

The addition of clear signing was expected and not isolated to the Ledger wallet. In recent months, clear signing has been part of a new movement for software and hardware manufacturers. Essentially, it ensures that users are aware of what type of transactions they’re processing before they execute.

Speaking to The Block, Ian Rogers, the Chief Experience Officer at Ledger, shared the thought process behind adopting the clear signing feature and why the company chose to incorporate it now. “Billions of dollars in transactions happen via ‘blind signing,’ monthly, and those are all vulnerable transactions. Fortunately, the Nano S Plus connected to Ledger Live allows users to see their transaction details when signing, ‘clear signing,’ and users should avoid signing transactions when they can’t see this information.”

Ledger Nano S: Born out of necessity

The new hardware wallet from Ledger is a step in the right direction, but this new product was born out of “desperation” and a need to give users and investors more confidence in the business. Ledger has been a victim of a plethora of data attacks previously, and on at least one occasion, user information has been compromised.

When it comes to wallet attacks, Ledger isn’t alone, as recently, the Trezor hardware wallet users were targeted in a phishing attack linked to the MailChimp data breach. In more ways than one, the new hardware wallet from Ledger was a way to show that the company is prepared to protect user data better.

Speaking on user security, Rodgers further shared, “as long as you do not share your 24 words or pin with anyone, with a Ledger, you’re giving yourself the best prevention possible.”

How will the Ledger crypto-NFT hardware wallet pan out?

There’s no doubt that interest in this product is high because the Ledger Nano S Plus offers a lot of things that users globally have been clamoring for, and it brings Ledger’s hardware offerings into the present.

The fresh product from this company is an NFT-focused wallet, which makes it very attractive. Additionally, the Ledger Nano S features the ability to support up to 100 apps and a storage capacity of 1.5 megabytes. So far, the features of this product have been attractive enough to garner over 10,000 orders within three days during a restricted release of the wallet.


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