Shopify Now Offers NFT Options

Shopify has started to adapt and embrace NFTs with the objective to secure its future in eCommerce and evolve in the coming years. Over the years, Shopify has become an incredibly famous online shopping space for small businesses to build and maintain personalized eCommerce stores.

The Wonder of NFT Storefronts

With NFT storefronts, the new feature will help brands offer more exclusive items in their stores. The focus of the online eCommerce giant is to expand its community of shoppers and recognize more loyalty-based rewards. The narrator in the video announcement shows a woman skateboarding and goes through a muted portal and then transforms into a Doodles NFT.

Token-gated Community

Since Shopify will become part of the token-gated community, it also announced that it is partnering up with World of Women, Doodles, Superplastic, Invisible Friends, Cool Cats, and Stapleverse NFT collections in order to create dedicated token-based storefronts.

On top of the online token-based storefront initiative, Shopify has decided to include an IRL gated token at physical stores. It means eligible NFT holders will be able to browse and purchase merchandise at brick-and-mortar stores. The fact that Shopify feels ready to offer NFT options and be part of the NFT marketplace is bound to have a positive impact on shopping experiences. Part of it has to do with a broad understanding of Shopify to realize that Web3 is the future of shopping that revolves around exclusivity. 

Progressive Approach of Shopify

In most cases, Shopify understands that oversimplification and generalization of NFTs often create a fog of confusion. But Shopify understands that unique blockchain-based tokens represent ownership of an asset and can now be used to unlock more perks, buy tickets, etc.

You may not be aware of it but this initiative is not the first time Shopify has decided to be part of the NFT space. Shopify has been focusing on Web3 for some time now. Last year, Shopify announced the launch of NT sales on its platform. Brands now can leverage the Shopify platform to mint and sell unique NFTs to different customers in the form of Ethereum, Solana, Flow, or Polygon.

Token-gated Shopping Experience

The token-gated shopping experience is all about giving power back to users and gaining more loyalty from the community. In fact, Shopify wants to strengthen its platform by focusing on an exclusive and refined shopping experience. In terms of the token-gated shopping experience, the community would be able to focus on limited merch drops, coupons, discounts, etc.

More Connectivity Across Crypto Wallets 

Through the NFT initiative, token holders will be able to connect to their crypto wallet and unlock a heightened shopping experience from the start. Since the preferences and behavior of today’s shoppers evolving, Shopify wants to focus on token-gated NFT shopping experiences to create more value on its platform. Mostly, the inclusion of NFT-gated shopping options within Shopify is a step in the right direction and would propel other online retailers to be part of the NFT space.


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