Fans Backlash Over Stranger Things NFTs

As far as the Netflix series goes, Stranger Things has become one of the most popular and critically acclaimed TV shows. With the release of Season 4, the promotional minigame of Stranger Things has had significant backlash from its fans.

Stranger Things MiniGame and Perception of the Audience

The perception of the digital ST4 minigame is not as straightforward as you may think. Some view the minigame rewards in the form of NFTs as appealing, whereas some consider it a cheap promotional tactic.  And the release of the NFT of Stranger Things minigame from the Candy Digital platform had mixed reviews. The idea is to propel players to solve different riddles and earn NFTs around the show’s stars. But most fans of the show continue to express their frustration around playing an NFT-based minigame.

Stranger Things NFTs

As of now, there are more than 11,000 unique Stranger Things non-fungible tokens on the Palm blockchain. It is ultimately an ETH-2 sidechain that represents ownership of digital posters. In April 2022, Netflix had teased the NFT-based collaboration with hidden messages for Season 4 trailer.

Since the release of the Stranger Things S4, more than 4,700 players have managed to earn Eleven’s NFT poster for free. Eleven, the lead character of the show portrayed by Milli Bobbie Brown is the beating heart of the show and more players want to play the game to get their beloved character’s NFT poster.

Solve Riddles and Get Posters: Objectives of the Game

But in a new turn of events, now there is a dedicated live minigame on the official site. The goal of the Stranger Things minigame is to solve riddles around “I am Hell’s Master” and earn four NFT posters for free. The four NFT posters touch key Stranger Things characters Will Byers, Jonathan Byers, Mike Wheeler, and Argyle.

NFTs and Stranger Things: Collective Response

The truth is that the response from the fans leans more on the negative side. On the bright side, some crypto users profess that they enjoyed playing the Stranger Things minigame. For the most part, fans interested in playing the Stranger Things minigame report that they’re being logged out of their main account at the time of completing the challenge. After the official Twitter account of Stranger Things tweeted the NFT news, most of the show’s fans were angered.

Did Netflix Got Carried Away?

In layman’s terms, the naïve assumption of Netflix to roll out NFT rewards was a more preconceived tactic. In fact, most fans showed little to no interest in earning NFTs through a minigame. Some fans of Stranger Things tweeted against the NFT technology.

Fans Still Love the Show

As much as fans love the Netflix series, the idea of rolling out an NFT grift managed to backfire. In all seriousness, fans of the show don’t want Netflix to force viewers to play NFT-based minigame to solve the mysteries.

Blowing Things Out of Proportion

While a lot of time you’d find exaggerated tweets and threads on Twitter, it looks like fans were genuinely upset about the integration of NFTs with the Stranger Things. In most cases, there is a serious lack of interest in NFTs among users and that means more backlash for Netflix.

Yes, before Netflix, the Candy platform had partnerships with WWE and MLB. But fans believe that there is no need to tie Stranger Things or any other popular show with NFTs.


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