Samsung x Theta NFTs collaboration

Samsung just released two flagship merchandise in conjunction with Theta Labs, and the first set of users to purchase the products will enjoy exclusive benefits.

New Samsung Devices Hit The Market

Samsung organized a launch event recently during which they revealed two new flagship products. The event, hosted by the company’s director, Shinwoo Lee, saw the unveiling of two smartphones, namely the Samsung S22 and Tab S8. 

Samsung flagship device launches are always notable and usually widely anticipated. However, this time, the company raised the bar by collaborating with Theta Labs to drop NFTs, which users can claim after they get the devices. During the event, the company’s director disclosed its plans to explore deeper into NFTs by stating that it was more practical to communicate with customers through NFTs.

Theta Labs had earlier announced the planned collaboration with Samsung Electronics in February. The company stated its excitement to power NFT digital collectibles for Samsung electronics and their users. 

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Samsung and Theta are collaborating on projects. However, this new partnership confirms Samsung Electronic’s interest in NFT ecosystems.

The collaboration will bring a number of benefits to fans who purchase the new products. Individuals who registered for the Samsung S22 and the Tab S8 during the pre-order period will be eligible to claim complimentary NFTs after receiving the devices. In addition, users who register on ThetaDrop are also eligible to claim NFTs from their new Samsung devices

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Get to Know Theta

Theta blockchain is a decentralized video streaming service that offers end-to-end transmission between creators and viewers. The service aims to improve video streaming quality by eliminating third-party interference and providing a direct connection between viewers and creators. 

Theta Blockchain also provides technical and economical solutions for its users. For example, it helps peers from different world regions connect seamlessly over its network. And, of course, Theta Labs operate ThetaDrop, the NFT marketplace on which Samsung plans to drop the collectibles that come with their new devices.

ThetaLabs developed their ThetaDrop NFT marketplace on the Theta protocol, a blockchain ecosystem designed explicitly for the media and entertainment industry. The platform leverages the proof-of-stake mechanism to reduce gas fees on minting. And while the platform may have been in relative obscurity for a long time, its recent collaboration with Samsung is expected to improve the global acceptance of theta NFTs.

How Can Users Claim the Theta NFTs?

Only a handful of users will be able to claim the NFTs offered with the Samsung flagship products. The few eligible people are those who complete the three steps highlighted in Samsung’s campaign for the devices, and the primary criterium for eligibility is participation in the pre-order event.

Users who pre-ordered the products will receive a code through their Samsung members app on their new device. Then, they’ll have to verify the code to get an unopened NFT box which they’ll be able to open at the end of the pre-order period.


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