It’s Time for the Samsung Smart TV NFT Platform

Samsung, one of the global tech leaders, recently partnered with Nifty Gateway to develop what is set to be the world’s first Smart TV NFT platform.

Samsung and the TV journey

Few people won’t be able to recognize the Samsung 

brand because this company has done an impressive job in ensuring that they are a significant player in a myriad of important sectors and industries. Samsung offers it all, including Smartphones, TVs, virtual reality, heavy machinery, and everything in between.

One of the features that make Samsung stand tall among the competition is that this company has a high affinity for research and development. With that comes a considerable amount of exciting and potentially world-changing technology.

For those of us old enough to remember, “Plasma” TVs used to be a huge luxury, and only the upper class could afford to spend thousands of dollars on a “flat-screen TV.” Over the past few months, televisions have evolved tremendously, they rapidly became more technologically capable, and with every new iteration of TVs, they became cheaper.

Subsequently, we now live in a world where TVs are no longer the center of entertainment, and TVs serve a purpose that’s more akin to being accessories. 

Smart TVs are the rave, and few companies create better smart TVs than Samsung. Furthermore, as one of the global leaders in this space, they are always at the forefront of new technologies. Here’s Samsung’s latest Smart TV innovation; it may change the world.

Samsung x Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is a leading NFT marketplace, and the company recently announced a partnership with Korean giant Samsung. According to reports, both parties are collaborating to deliver the “first-ever smart TV NFT platform,” which has seen Nifty Gateway integrated into Samsung’s 2022 premium TV offerings.

Early in the year, Samsung announced its plans to enter the NFT space, further sharing that NFT functionalities will be embedded into its 2022 product lines. When Samsung announced this in early January, they failed to shed more light on their NFT plans, but it’s beginning to make sense.

Duncan Cock Foster, Nifty Gateway’s co-founder, said, “With our mission in mind, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with Samsung to develop a groundbreaking NFT collecting experience. Their dedication to user experience and focus on the highest quality displays align perfectly with our vision of allowing anyone to interact with their favorite creators.”

What does the future hold for Samsung in the NFT space?

As more companies realize the potential of NFTs and Web3, the market gets more saturated; this means that new players like Samsung will need to be committed to their NFT project because failure to treat it as a priority means that the company may end up missing out on a considerable amount of opportunities.

Samsung is a big player, and there’s no doubt that this company can make a big splash and shake things up if they wish to; it’ll be scintillating to see how the Samsung NFT journey plays out.


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